Saturday, April 29, 2017

Fruit of the Ume Tree and Psalm 1 Tenugui

(This is the third post in what became a `series` of posts on  Psalm 1 expressed in a tenugui!*
see two posts below! Blessings and thank you for visiting)

On this Shabbat,  I received a wonderful and playful gift from the Ruach HaKodesh.
The Holy Spirit of God. Yes! I believe He speaks to us in ways that are unique to each person and often with surprises.  He knows our hearts and  finds the way to express something in a language we understand.  I find that on Shabbat when we open our hearts He speaks new life into things and shows us something new.

He will even speak through a tenugui (a Japanese long rectangular cloth used traditionally as a hand towel and in recent years for many other uses) if we have ears to hear and eyes to see!

First I just saw in it the pattern the Tree planted in streams of living water.  
An expression of Psalm 1 (*see this post below!)

Then as the Shabbat went on,   I heard the other lines of the Psalm, and the Psalm seemed to come to life around me...

The streams of water!!
He will be like a planted tree over streams of water, 

see, the fruit!
producing its fruit during it`s season.   ---Psalm 1:3

Fruit of the Ume tree and `Psalm 1` Tenugui

The Torah is a Tree of Life when we grasp hold of it.  
It doesn`t unfold all at once. It is like in the Psalm.   It is something we meditate on day and night.  And then more and more we see it reflected in the world around us.  

I asked a woman that I met recently if she has a Bible. She said no.
We talked and she was distressed, so I asked her if I could pray for her, and she said, yes, please.  After we prayed,  she seemed much lighter.  We talked a little more.   I recommended that she get a Bible and that she spend time reading it.  She said she would.  I really hope she did.
It is life changing when we encounter the living word of G-d.

My prayer today is that many souls will receive Salvation and know Messiah Yeshua in this new season we are entering, where everything is green and new.  Here in Japan,  and in Israel and all the world, and even someone reading this! 
If you don`t have a copy of the Holy Scriptures, I do hope you too will grasp a hold of one.  It is a Tree of Life for those who take hold of it.  Its ways are ways of pleasantness and all its paths are peace...*

(from Proverbs3:18)

God Bless you!
Shavu`a Tov.
Have a Blessed week!

Psalm 1!

The heart of entrance into this week`s  Shabbat!
The light of the Havdallah candle, marks the separation between Shabbat and the new first day of the week
A wonder-ous end to the Shabbat this week.  The wax from the Havdallah candle made a heart shape in the drips!!


  1. Always such lovely photos to go with your post. Yes- the scriptures give life if we will grasp them! xxo

  2. xoxo
    Blessings and Thank you Mrs.N!