Sunday, April 9, 2017

Last scenes before Pesach!!

Sing to ADONAI a new song!
Sing to ADONAI all the earth.

--Psalm 96:1 TLV

The day before Passover  is full of the excitement of knowing that  we are about to enter into into a set apart time.  Today almost had the quality of a technicolor movie as we scurried to give away the last chametz in the foreground of the fully blooming cherry trees!

My daughter offered to take a bag of still good `chametz` to her workplace and keep it out of our house during Passover. 
Stopping to enjoy the cherry blossoms
No one would ever know, inside the bag is fulled with...chametz!!

Today was such a splendid day, both the day of the full blossoms and the day before Passover, turtles too were enjoying a sumptuous sunny spot
Between the blossoms and having finished the chametz clearing, we were getting a little giddy.
she rode off into the blossoms with the bag of chametz!

Scene 2, Take 1

After doing the Passover cleaning at the last minute, a few new plates for Passover.  Using new dishes for the Passover meal is another way of acknowledging the set-apart-ness of the Feast days, and keeping that time `separate`.
May our spirits be re-newed!

Scene 3

The amazing thing is, the full blossoms of Cherry Blossoms and `Hana-mi` (Cherry Blossoms season) corresponded this year exactly with the beginning of  Passover.

 I am so excited for when these come fully together.  When people of Japan will know Yeshua, and that this Cherry Blossoms season will become a time when people will be celebrating new life in Him, and a Messianic re-birth in Japan.  The scenes then will be people eating matzah, praising ADONAI, and singing worship songs under the pink canopy, tasting the Bread of Life and drinking from the cup of Redemption!!  A whole nation celebrating the Passover under the cherry blossoms!!

Declare His glory among the nations,
His marvelous deeds among all peoples.

---Psalm 96:3

As the sliding doors slide on into the Passover Holiday,  wishing you Blessings and Shalom!
Chag Sameach from Japan!  (Happy Holiday)



  1. I loved reading this! And it is just as you described it--we slip into a time that is set apart. The physical things we do are important. I can see that clearly in how the Lord instituted the feast days. I too understand wanting to keep some special things just for the feast...lovely post!

  2. Thank you Mrs N! It is hard to describe, so I am glad it communicated:)) Like you, little by little I want to share how it is such a pleasure and how the whole sense of time shifts when we seek to honor and observe His commandments. We can start to see even things in the physical world begin to arrange themselves too as we enter into His days. Thank you for commenting and sharing your insights, I am encouraged by you! Blessings and Love!