Wednesday, January 10, 2018


"For I know the plans that I have in mind for you," declares ADONAI, "plans for shalom and not calamity---to give you a future and a hope.

"Then you will call on Me, and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you.  You will seek Me and find Me, when you will search for Me with all your heart.      --from Jeremiah 29:11~14

you may recall this Second Challah Cover, for the book of Exodus.  In  Hebrew it is  the book called Shemot, which means Names.  I took it out again to use as we are beginning the book of Exodus.

My name, Shayndel, is there in pink under the pink dalia

On a white cloth, I put my name, Shayndel, in the middle of the names of the twelve tribes.  There beneath a pink dalia and between it`s green leaves.

When I read all the names of the tribes in this weeks Parsha, I think of each blessing that Jacob bestowed upon his sons in the ending of the book of Bereshit.  Each one so different, yet each with a specific purpose. 

For we too each have a name that is precious to God, and each of us a unique purpose in His Kingdom.

As we enter a new year on the calendar year, and read anew in the book of Exodus, which in Hebrew is called Shemot,  and means Names, I wonder what that special purpose is for me and how it will manifest in this year.

And what it is for you.
As we exit from Shabbat into a new week, may the purposes that He has for each of us become a little clearer.  May we experience God's great Love for us and and believe in the plans He has for us.  May we give that love back out into the world through our lives.

Shavu'a Tov! Have a great week!
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For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

JOHN 3:16


  1. Amen! That is my wish and prayer also.

  2. I am catching up on blog reading and this was such a perfect post to start with. Just this morning The Holy Spirit was speaking things of a similar manner to me.

    By the do you draw on cloth? That is so lovely! I was wondering what materials you use.

    Blessings! Ahava!

    1. Thank you Illanit. I used illustration magic markers, the kind sold in the art or stationary stores (I got them at Tokyu Hands) that are geared for manga! Actually I didn`t get them for cloth, I got them for my daughter but we decided to share them, and I just tried them on the fabric. Not sure if they are washable though, so maybe I would recommend some fabric markers that can stay if washed. Thanks for asking!! And for sharing that you connected to the things in the post, its so cool when He gives us a chance to see those connections! Blessings!♡

  3. Your name' Sheyndel' among the names of the tribes looks very nice. Yet, Sheyndel is not an hebrew name, it's a name in Yeddish. Isn't it? In hebrew the name is, Yaffa. beautiful.
    However, as far as I know, there isn't a name Yaffa in the Torah.

  4. Thank you Duta! I didn't know the Hebrew name was Yaffa!
    I was given the name Shayndel from my grandmother when I was born, and only started using it recently, so I am happy to learn more about it. ♡

    1. By the way, I love Yeddish and I love the name Shayndel. Now, to your information - Shay (or Shai) means gift, present in hebrew. There's another word for present in hebrew, and that's 'matana'.
      There's also another name given to girls which mean beautiful, and that's Yaffit, sort of diminutive of Yaffa.

    2. Thank you Duta, wow it`s such a `gift` to receive this information about my name, and the name Yaffa..and on a post about names!! I love those surprises! I was going to add on the above comment, my grandmother is no longer alive and so I can`t ask her about it...and then you shared more, I was so happy! Also in the interim today, when I was just out I saw two fruits from Israel in the supermarket, and they had the sticker `Jaffa` on them, so I bought them having seen your comment earlier!! wondered if Jaffa is the same as Yaffa, but anyway I bought them and will enjoy fruits from Israel!!


  5. You're welcome.
    Jaffa is the name of the city/port of Jaffa that is part of the great Tel Aviv area. It's also the brand of oranges that used to be exported through the old port of Jaffa. The city has one of the best flea markets. If you wish you could use the Search tab on my blog and read my post about it.

  6. This quote, "For I know the plans" is one of my favorite quotes. Thank you for the gentle reminder to always remember that God has a plan for us. : ) I hope the new year brings much goodness to you, Shayndel.