Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Way

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.    --John 14:6

There`s been a lot of construction around here lately---at the Castle, on the roads.
Workers  waving flags and directing pedestrians where to go.

I came upon one such worker who waved his flags and indicated the sidewalk was blocked.
He smiled and said in English,
"No way"
There was no way through that street, and what he wanted to tell me was that we had to find another route to get where we needed to go.  But the way  he said  `No way` he seemed to be playing with me by using this phrase in English.  Note, that it is very unusual in our small Japan city that a construction worker would use English.  It gave the scene a kind of Holy Spirited feel.*

I was feeling particularly confident that morning anyway and even a little giddy and light-hearted,  as the LORD had met me on something and set me free in a matter I had been struggling with.

So in my confidence, I responded and said,
" There is a Way "
He seemed curious so I continued, in very clear English.
"There is a WAY, and a Truth, and a Life.  Only one way, one truth, and I know what it is," I said.
His face was lit up and seemed to be enjoying this.
He said,
"What, what is it?"
And  I said, with an even bigger smile than his,
Again he smiled, his face lit up and, hearing the name Yeshua, he said,
"Yes, sure!"
I agreed, Yes, Yes.
He repeated the Name, and waved his flags.

I waved too, praised God, and rode

Blessings to all,
and to all
a Good Day!


*PS photos are illustration only, they are not the actual place or person who I encountered.  As you know from other posts, when I get into those encounters of the spirit, it is advisable not to take a picture.  It is advisable in those times to remain  in the experience.  These photos are from the Challah and Cherry Blossoms archives. 


  1. Wonderful post Shayndel. I love how the Lord gave you an opportunity for witness. And, it's so exciting that he set you free from something that was hindering you. Wow! Awesome praise report. Shalom. xx

  2. Hi Joyful! I was just at your blog!! Thats a double wonderful connection today,as I was just saying how your post tied with something in my morning, and now its evening and I found your lovely comment! Praise God all day through! Shalom to you.xo

  3. Like a magnet, deep calls to deep!

  4. It sometimes happens to us that an ordinary,everyday scene feels like a spiritual one and you wish to remain with the feeling of it as long as possible. The scene with the road worker is such a scene for you, and that made your day.

  5. Shayndel, could you please e-mail me, I'd like to tell you a story. I don't see an e-mail for you on your blog. Have a lovely week, dear.


    1. Thanks for getting back to me so soon. I loved your story. : )

  6. What a precious post, Shayndel! I love it. Thank you so much.

  7. I love your story - and that connection we have with other believers!

  8. Thank you all for the dear and loving words!!
    Its fun to be able to share, connect, and hear your stories!
    And yes, Praise God for connecting us in the spaces of our blogs and lives!! Love and blessings!♡