Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Challah-Cast Diary/notes! Life of Sarah

Now Sarah's life was 127 years--the years of Sarah's life.
Genesis 23:19

The reading from this past week in the Torah is the Parsha "The Life of Sarah" .
It is called "The Life" of Sarah,  even though it is actually to tell about her passing, at the time of her death at 127 years. 

 Sarah lived in righteousness, purity and with a love of loving-kindness--the quality of chesed, in Hebrew-- in everything she did .  She and Abraham opened up their tent for hospitality to strangers to share the truth about the One true God.  Her whole being emanated light because she drew from the source of light for her life.  At  age 90  God blessed her and Abraham (who was 100) with a child, even though in the natural it was impossible.  Nothing is impossible with God!

In connecting with something about challah, the aspect I wanted to share is how her light shone even in her challah dough!!

According to a midrash in Bereshit Rabba, we learn that Sarah's dough was divinely blessed, that  her challah stayed fresh from  Shabbat to the next Shabbat, and that a candle would burn in her tent from Sabbath Eve to the next.  There was said to be a cloud of the divine presence always over her tent. 

I love this teaching about Sarah
* from a Rabbinic source, quoted below, and what it tells about her life and how she lived doing everything for the glory of God.  I can try to imagine the light that shone forth from her very being!! The woman who was the mother of all the generations of Israel.  Her challah dough was divinely blessed!  From the same midrash, we also learn that the divine blessing left in all those areas, but when Rebecca came into the tent as Isaac's bride, the blessings returned.

Then Isaac brought her into the tent of Sarah his mother, 
took Rebecca and she became his wife--and he loved her.  
So Isaac was comforted after the loss of his mother.
Genesis 24:67

And Isaac brought her into the tent of Sarah, his mother-" All the days that Sarah was alive, a cloud was connected (lit. tied) to the entrance of her tent. When she died, the cloud stopped [resting at her tent.] And when Rebecca came, the cloud returned. All the days that Sarah was alive, the doors were open wide. When she died, the wideness stopped. And when Rebecca came, the wideness returned. And all the days that Sarah was alive, there was a blessing in her dough, and when Sarah died, that blessing ended. When Rebecca came, [the blessing] returned. All the days that Sarah was alive, there was a candle that would burn from Sabbath Eve to [the next] Sabbath Eve, and when she died, the candle stopped [burning for so long]. And when Rebecca came, [the week-long flame of the candle] returned. And as soon as [Isaac] saw her, that she did the deeds of his mother, separating her challah in purity and separating her dough in purity, he brought her into the tent.
                                                                                 * from Bereishit Rabbah 60

For those that are following or interested in the Challah-cast series,
please read on , these !
"Notes on the "Challah-cast":

My  basic "filming"  plan was to take  scenes of first getting  flowers for Shabbat at the flower shop,  a special bouquet to honor the Life of Sarah, then zooming in on the flowers in the shop, and next scene , zooming out on the flowers when back in my home, and showing the flowers and the dough.

The whole short film, the challah-cast, would be homage to Sarah. The aspect of the challah that we would focus on is the dough, talking about the teaching above, about the blessing on her challah and the light that she shone from living with the Divine Presence always.
In my challah making scenes I would just show the dough, from when its made, to when it rises, as I talk about that aspect of Sarah's life.

So that is the basic idea for the week of Chayei Sarah.  What I am learning for the challah-casts is it takes a lot of "takes" to get a short video together! And I have to work fast if I want to do it by Shabbat, from the making of the Challah.

After all, I didn't get a finished challah-cast that I felt ready to share, so  am just sharing this post as an "outline" this week, and realize that I may not get a finished Challah-cast each time.  I started to get a little discouraged, but, rather than get discouraged if I don't complete it, I am glad as it is a way of drawing closer to Him in the process.

The midrash (Rabbinic commentary) from Bereishit Rabbah, is about how once Isaac and Rebecca married, and Rebecca entered into Sarah's tent with Isaac, the blessings returned through her.

Its such a beautiful testament to the generations, how through Sarah's life, Rebecca was able to enter in and keep alive the flame of God's presence continually.   It is said that in the time after Sarah died, the blessings stopped, but when Rebecca entered the tent as Isaac's bride, they returned again.
May we learn from the Life of Sarah, and be inspired to keep the light of Yeshua shining through our lives, and be diligent in prayer and in how we live, to pass it on to the next generation.

And a PS, I really was gettting a little discouraged not having done a Challah-cast, so just to keep on going I made a "rough" upload with talking it through and I also included the next Parsha, Toldot, to tie in with it.  If you are moved to watch it, you can see it HERE

When we spend time with the Lord, and more than that, when we live with Him as the source of our very being,   then our light will shine forth in all we do.  And nothing is impossible with Him!

Blessings and Shabbat Shalom!!

 Every year I post my Rebecca (Rivka)  drawing (Below) to go with this parsha!
Blessings and Shalom!

Happy Thanksgiving!


So she said, "Drink, my lord," and she quickly lowered her jar onto her hand and gave him a drink.  Now when she finished giving him a drink, she said, "I'll also draw water for your camels until they've finished drinking."   Genesis 24:18~19

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Red Bean Challah for Abraham---and a Lech Lecha Challah-Cast!

Then the LORD said to Abram, 
"Get going out from your land,
and from your relatives,
and from your father's house,
to the land that I will show you.
My heart's desire is to make you into a great nation, to bless you, to make your name great so that you may be a blessing.                    Genesis 12:1~2 

 This week I made a Red Bean Challah for our forefather Abraham, for the week's Parsha, Lech Lecha!

If you are just joining in, this year in the new Torah Cycle I am trying out the idea of doing weekly "challah-casts" as a way to share about the weekly parsha reading and connecting it in some way to the making of challah  or some aspect of the challah making for Shabbat.  This week the topic is making a Red Bean Challah, for Abraham in honor of his setting out to "Go" into himself and obediently walk in the ways of the LORD to form the nation of Israel and be a father of all the many nations!!!
Hope you might enjoy watching the challah-cast !! And check out my new channel in progress,
Joanne's Challah-cast channel! I would welcome your comments and even questions or any feedback--are there are things you learned,?would like to see more of?  questions?  encouragement!!, etc, as it is a new work in progress!

Each week its a learning for me, and I hope there might be something in it for you!  Its a challenge how to make the challah connection to the week's Torah study, as well as a fun challenge in trying to make a short video that  that might be a way of sharing my love of making the challah and reading the weekly Torah, and that God's love might shine through as it all comes out of Love for Him!!

Now without faith it is impossible to please God.  For the one who comes to God must believe that He exists and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him.                                             Hebrews 11:6

Blessings and Love!

Shabbat Shalom!!

Preview from this week's challah -cast!
First scene, a short clip from my return trip to Japan, where God showed me Mt. Fuji as He brought on the evening
voice over from the flight:  どうぞ、ごゆっくりを過ごしください。
We wish you a pleasant flight.
Scene switches to me in the kitchen "studio"!
Hi, welcome.
My name is Joanne and this is our weekly Challah-cast.
This is the week of Parsha Lech Lecha.

If you are just joining in,  these challah-casts are weekly broadcasts to go with each week's reading on the Torah Cycle.  We introduce the week's reading as well as connecting it in some way with the making of challah.  Like a pod-cast, but we are using the base of "challah" to make it a "challah-cast"!  Thank you for joining us in this week of Lech Lecha!

Lech Lecha is the third parsha (Torah reading) in the book of Genesis.  Starting with Bereshit, then Noach, and now Lech Lecha.  The story of where Abraham is called out into his mission to set out and be the father of many nations....
 For more on making a red bean challah for Abraham, see other posts including a tutorial on how to make it HERE and various posts related, HERE , HERE, and HERE.

The basic challah recipe I used for this challah in the challah-cast is this Whole Wheat Challah.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Succa Sky and clouds of Glory

The sky canopy (above) and the succa canopy.The sky canopy draped in the heavens as the Succa was being constructed on earth!

On the first day you are to take choice fruit of trees, branches of palm trees, boughs of leafy trees, and willows of the brook, and rejoice before ADONAI your God for seven days.
Leviticus 23:40

On the day the succa was being set up at the synagogue I didn't know where to look!! It was so exciting to see the succa as it was progressing and it was at the same time I coudn't stop looking UP to see what God was doing in His succa sky, forming and gathering the clouds in the shape of a welcoming Succa!!

I just learned this year that there is also an expression to do with Succot of the tents or booths of succa also being a reference to Clouds of Glory, or Clouds of Honor.
I love that expression of being under the Clouds of Glory, as we prepare to sit and dine and rejoice in the succa, and all this week of the holiday of Succot (until today as it is a big rain)!!! 

At night it was heaven to sit in the succa.  What does one do in a succa?  Eat! Sing! Rejoice!! The Feast of Succot is also known as the Holiday of  Rejoicing.  It is a commandment to rejoice the whole week of the 7 day holiday.  Its hard not to soar up to heaven when in the succa and with the people filling in it with song and feasting!!
Most of all、 the holiday is about God and dwelling with Him,  being reminded of the fragility of all life that is given and sustained by Him.

Blessings and Moadim l'Simcha.
Enjoy the Appointed days of the Feasts!


Sunday, October 13, 2019

Ha’azinu Challah and second “Challah-cast”

Give ear o heavens and I will speak!
Let the earth hear the words of my mouth. 
May my teaching trickle like rain, 
my speech distill like the dew.

Deuteronomy 32 1~2
first lines of Parsha Haazinu

For this week I made a special Challah for Parsha Haazinu.
And trying out  the second "Challah-cast" upload for the New Year! Which is a play on "pod-cast" , using challah as the basis for the "broadcast"!! Please note, these "Challah-casts" are IN PROGRESS!!! I know they need a lot of editing and I am trying out a new idea.  Feel free to let me know any comments!! This week I wanted to commumicate the  making a challah in the shape of the text of the song from the "Parsha" we are reading  in the Torah!  It might not be clear until somewhat into the 12 minutes of what I am doing, but if you are moved to watch it please do!!
Hope you enjoy it and that it communicates!! Did I say, it is a "Work in Progress!"

Hope you are enjoying a beautiful season.
Shavua Tov!
Chag Sameach Succot!!

Tonight starts the holiday of Succot.  Blessings and Shalom, Rejoice in His Tents!!

Shayndel (Joanne, live from L.I. !!)

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Shabbat Shuvah--and trying out a "Challah-cast"

 I am trying out a "Challah-cast"  (like "pod-cast"), to start a new series for the New Year.

 I was inspired to try something new in the New Year and do a weekly series of "Challah-cast" video uploads to share about themes from the weekly Torah portion using "challah" as the basis to tell it!!!

My goals with it would be each week to share a little something about the week we are in on the Hebrew calendar and to relate some of the themes of what we are reading in the Torah portion for that Shabbat to tell some Torah insight or personal testimony or something that could be an inspiration to others, as we encourage each other to draw closer to God using the "ingredients" from our God-given lives!!

So that is the idea, and here is the first "Challah-cast" practice!! Practicing!

NOTE:  I removed this video for now!! Please see the newer posts for the updated 'Challah-cast", as this one really became "practice"!!!

It is for
Shabbat Shuvah is the Sabbath of Return, that comes between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

In terms of Challah, it is customary to make a challah in the shape of a "spiral" to represent "return" as well as to echo the creation in the shape, and give honor and glory to the LORD, our Creator.

Please watch if you can and let me know any comments to if it is something you might want to see more of, and if there is any ways that it would be more appealing for you , for example regarding the content, length of time, tone, etc etc.  A work in progress!  Please do let me know!!

Shana Tova!!

G’mar Chatima Tovah!
May you be inscribed and sealed in the Book of Life for good year!

Tashlich and an Ice Cream Sundae

Who is a God like You, Who forgives iniquity and passes over the transgression of the remnant of His heritage?  He does not maintain His anger forever, for He desires loving-kindness.
He shall return and grant us compassion;  He shall hide our iniquites, and You shall cast into the depths of the sea all their sins.  
You shall give the truth of Jacob, the loving-kindness of Abraham, which You swore to our forefathers from days of yore.   Book of Micah 7:18 ~ 20

This word Tashlich means "You will cast away", and refers here to the Jewish observance that is symbolic of casting our sins to the sea.  This custom dates back to probably before the 14th century, and is based on the final verses of the book of Micah (above).   At the synagogue I attend on L.I. for the holidays , there is a special  Tashlich at the Marina, and after we take a handful of bread to cast into the sea , representing casting out sin,  there is a treat!!

Ice cream!

God is good!!

He is pleased at repentance.  As a matter of fact, even before the creation God put into effect the plan of a Deliverer to redeem us.

I am starting to experience the "joy" of repentance.

I am starting to love "teshuvah".  

Tashlich is done on the day of Rosh Hashanah, at the beginning of the ten days of Awe, which lead up to Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.   I always thought  of the Day of Atonement as a heavy and sad day, and yet even though it is the most important and Holy day on the Jewish calendar, it is a day of lightness and joy.  People wear white and sneakers to synagogue and there is a divine Light shed on this holy of holy of days after the 10 days of Awe and Repentence and the work of preparing that starts way before that.  It is recited that on Rosh Hashana our names our written in the book of Life and then on Yom Kippur it is "sealed'.

May all our names be written in and sealed in the Book of Life for a good year!

Blessings and Shalom,



Challah journal---continuing in the new year, echoing Creation

A round challah, pomegranate seeds, apples, honey, and even yogurt--milk and honey!  are all symbolic of the Biblical New Year!! Happy and Sweet 5780 to you!  May we honor our Creator all the days through! 

Let heaven and earth praise Him, the seas and everything moving in them.

Psalm 69:35

A sweet and exquisite first day of the Year 5780 to all!

Rosh Hashanah morning. Before going to synagogue with my Dad, I took a bicycle ride down to the beach with a New Year's round challah (*note, it is a challah from the bakery)  in my back pack!  A challah adventure of the New Years kind.  When I was growing up on Long Island, my family always walked to the synagogue.  My Dad always said that it never rains on the Jewish Holidays!! So there is a kind of weather I associate with the High Holidays, and it was just that weather this New Year.

There would be feasting with the congregation later, but in the morning, a quiet time.  The ocean was High tide, and the sky was like it might have looked on the first day of Creation!!  Today the day, yes, the day the Big Shofar is blown.   When I set the round challah down on the beach blanket, immediately its shape echoed the sky and the sun rising already up above the horizon.  It is also an echo of "Return".  The High Holidays are about "Teshuvah", which means to return, as in to return to God our Father.  Not only personally, but nationally as a people as well.   The  circular shape,  it goes around and around, a reminder of the shape of His days, always bringing us closer and closer to Him,  the Creator of all things, welcome O welcome to the King of all Kings.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Shana Tova!

on the small print on the honey it says,   Because you are precious and honored in my sight and because I love you.  Isaiah 43:4

"May you and your loved ones be inscribed in the Book of Life, May you have a happy healthy and peaceful New Year"

Wishing you a Happy and Sweet and Blessed New Year!

See you in 5780! 
please note I will be taking a blog break in honor of the High Holy Days. Sorry to have been "absent" in the last week or so, with all the shofar blowing and getting ready for the holidays, and now its time to deliver a Challah to my daughter and make my way to spend the holidays with family abroad!! I look forward to see you on my return and in the New Year!
Shana Tova is the New Year Greeting for Rosh Hashanah.
It means Good Year!
Rosh Hashanah, means "Head of the Year" 

The round challah represents the celebration of the Creation of the world which we celebrate at Rosh Hashanah,  and most of all we celebrate and honor our Creator and King!! The round challah also can be seen to represent a crown!  This period begins what is known as the "Ten Days of Awe" , a time of repentence and return leading up to Yom Kippur, and then the holidays of rejoicing of Succot and Simcha Torah!! Blessings and a beautiful season to all!

For You met him with the best blessings. You set on his head 
a crown of pure gold.
Psalm 21:4

ADONAI reigns, let the earth rejoice!
Psalm 97:1

Blessings and Love!


Monday, September 23, 2019

Hearing the Voice of Heaven

Its smaller than you (or I) might think.

It's deep and
even quiet.

Yes, the thundering ,
the voice that breaks the cedars--
that is His voice!

But today it was a quiet voice
From the One
who conquered death.

It was the
sound of


Sweet Sound of the Shofar

More Elul reflections and stories and a little on Parsha Ki Tetze

 1.  The big Shofar and the little shofar, continued

This "blurb" (paragraph, below italics) is from a Prayer Sheet I am working on as part of a series of prayer sheets over one year to pray from the parsha (weekly Torah readings).   Each prayer sheet contains scriptures that have to do with themes from the parsha, and just in the blurb I write a little something to introduce the week.  This is for Parsha Ki Tetze (readings from Deuteronomy 21:10 ~ 25:19) ,
"In this week we read detailed commandments for all kinds of different situations like the mother bird and her young, and relationships including husband and wife.  It may be hard to even imagine in our human minds that the God of creation would care so much as to give us detailed do’s and don’ts of so many scenarios in everyday living.  And yet our God, who is the God of creation, and Maker of all things, is the Father who attends to every detail of our lives!!   Why even this morning, I had set my alarm to a certain time, and yet HE woke me an hour earlier to say to get up!!, that there was some place He wanted me to be!!"
This is what I reflect on in this week---continuing from something I started in the previous post about the "Big" Shofar blast at Yom Teruah (Feast of Trumpets, Rosh Hashanah) and the  "little " sounding of the shofar in Elul.  In Elul, I feel like a child as I approach and spend time with my Father and King, who is "in the field".  What I meant in the paragraph above, the unbelievable truth that the same King who is the Master of all Creation is also the one who attends to all the tiny details of our days  and cares so very much about all the ways we carry on in our every day life.  How He is present and active in our days to even the smallest details of waking us up earlier than the alarm we set if need  be!!!  (This very life which is given by Him!!) 

All this to say, that we are coming closer to that Coronation day and the Fall Feasts.  So even in the month of Elul as I start out in a sheer joy and delight of having this month to hold on to my Fathers hand and learn from Him in a  Father-daughter relationship, growing deeper in intimacy , I am aware in my spirit that its also time to buckle down and revere Him for who He IS as the King and Creator of the world and Judge who is holding a Feast for all His people to attend,  during the days of Awe and Repentance.   Time to to prepare my heart, my best clothes, be on my best behavior and get ready to attend the feasts.  I can feel that shift coming closer, and  move from leaping and jumping and exclaiming, to a posture of bowing down to His Holiness even as I go out with my little shofar in the latter part of Elul.  Whew.

Praise God!
  Our Father, Our King.

2.  More sweet sounds as we get closer to Rosh Hashanah

Yesterday I bought a few jars of made-in-Japan honey to give as Rosh Hashanah gifts, including one to bring to my daughter for a Sweet New Year.  On the way home, I  stopped to blow the shofar at the river.  So I took a few of the honey jars out of the shopping bag, with the apples that I also had bought to go with the honey, arranged them on the steps, and started to feel an early sweetness that we associate with the coming of the New Year!!   note:  it is a Jewish Holiday tradition to have apples and honey in the New Year!!  We are in the last days of the year 5779, the new year will become 5780 on the biblical calendar at the end of September.

3.  A butterfly meeting in Elul!!

This was sooooo Elul and such an amazing gift from God!!  I saw a butterfly and I knew she was the one who I prayed for in the Matot and Masei postings (here) from last year!! She had the same markings and was flitting around showing off how well her wings were working!! I tried to get her to stop and sit on my hand as she did that time, but no!   She was too busy flying with her wings all perfect and being who she is in wholeness, health and vibrancy---this day she wanted to just show me that!!!   I was so happy and want to remind you of what the Holy Spirit showed me----don't ever stop praying and believing for healing for those you love, and don't ever ever think its too silly or a waste of time to spend a whole day with a butterfly with a broken wing.  She will come back one day and fly to show you that she is healed and  show you even how good she flies and how she was meant to be, perfectly created and perfectly healed!!  Oh, and don't take it personal if she doesn't have the time to spend the whole day with you this time, she is doing what she was meant to do --fly!--- and just wanted to thank you for taking the time with her when she was broken and needed someone, and show you that He hears your prayers!!

4.  Elul transitions into Rosh Hashanah and the Fall Feasts.

In taking out my little shofar everyday of Elul I meet with wonder that is particular to this Hebrew month!!  I find new things in each day that can only be described as  "in Elul".

In this month of preparation for Rosh Hashanah and the  Kingdom Feast time, I find that Elul is a time of seeking and reflection in preparation.

I just heard a rabbi teaching about the shofar who described the shofar blowing as a form of prayer without words.   I really love that, it was a beautiful point to hear!

 5.  Ice cream and Shofar

I am not really a big ice cream eater, but the other day somehow it just welled up in me,  I wanted an ice cream!! So I got an ice cream and brought it with me to a place by the river where its an open space to blow the shofar!! And what happened was that I was able to offer a sweet sound to the LORD by having the ice cream and delighting in it and in Him as I sounded my call for returning to Him.

6.  My Elul lesson

 Big You
little me
is the way its gotta be!!

That means I am "little" and God is "Big" and when I recognize that and especially He is not only Big, He is Infinite, and Everlasting, and yet He comes to meet little me in this wonderful divine-human partnership , oh that is har-mon-y!!  I also am learning that when the Huge God meets us in the "small things" , that is truly a miracle.  May we be thankful for the many daily miracles that we might have skipped over in this year, and go into the new year with a grateful heart and prepare for His return in readiness to meet Him in all our days!

Blessings and renewal to you as we get closer to the New Year and Fall Feasts of the KING!!  Still some time to prepare!! Wishing you a Happy, Sweet New Year, Shana Tova!!! 


For your maker is your husband—ADONAI Tzva’ot is His Name—- 
the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer.  He will be called God of all the earth.  

                                    Isaiah 54:5 (from the Haftarah reading from Parsha Ki Tetze)

Shabbat Shalom!

Days of the Fall Feasts 2019:
(note:  all days on the Hebrew calendar begin in the evening, which follow the Creation where God said first there was evening and then morning, one day)

The month of Elul Sept 1 ~ 29

Rosh Hashanah, Yom Teruah  (Feast of Trumpets, Head of the Year)
September 29 ~ Oct 1

Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement)
October 8 ~ 9

Succot (Feast of Tabernacles)
October 13 ~20

Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah (Joy of the Torah as one year Torah Cycle is complete
and scroll back to the beginning)
October 20 ~ 22

New Parsha/ Torah Reading Schedule for the new year 5780, 2019-2020

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Elul story by the sea

Blowing the shofar at Elul is like the little shofar before the BIG Shofar Blast that we are approaching at the Feast of Trumpets.  Lining up our little selves with our BIG and great LORD and King!   I love taking my little shofar and blowing it each day of this month of Elul  in "preparation" .  As you may have noticed from the number of Elul posts!!  

How do we  prepare for the Day of the Big Feast of Trumpets (Yom Teruah, Rosh Hashanah)  and the Big Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) ?  One daily way is, Repentance in the small things (big things too of course, but hoping that some of the big ones have been clear and of course Salvation is the only way to do that!)!   Seeking God for where we need to clear out those parts of us that still need to be gotten right  -- the bitterness in our hearts, unforgiveness, what else? --- ask Him to show us---there are always those places---!!

When we seek Him with a desire to see His face and to  draw closer to Him, He answers!  Sometimes it is through the Holy Spirit showing us a cloud that takes the shape of the shofar and gets longer and wider!! Sometimes it is with a blue sky that appears on a super cloudy day. ...  you had brought a raincoat with you on your ride, as it was getting grayer and grayer and then as you meditate on His greatness,  the next time you look up what do you know,  the sky has cleared and is all blue.  Can we "blow away" the clouds ?? No, we cannot do anything in and of ourselves.  Can we ask Him to show us where we need to grow and stretch and enlarge our tents?  Yes, we can seek His face and we can take a step each day to draw closer in wanting to know His heart.   The story of Elul, from Shayndel's reflections today,  is to step out in action and take the small steps to seek Him.  As we read each day of this month in  Psalm 27, Your Face Lord I seek!  

In Your behalf my heart says:
"Seek My face!"
O Lord, I seek Your face.

Psalm 27:8b
(JPS Hebrew-English Tanakh )

Blessings and a happy Elul day to you!!



Enlarge the place of your tent, 
stretch out your tabernacle curtains.
Do not hold back--
lengthen your cords,
strengthen your stakes.

Isaiah 54:2  
(from this week's Haftarah reading)

A shofar "centerpiece"on the Shabbat table during the month of Elul
S H A B B A T      S H A L O M !!!

Shabbat Shalom!

Related post on this blog, with a little more explanation about Elul, HERE

For a Torah Teaching on repentance in the month of Elul, Teshuvah (Repentance) and this week's  Parsha Ki Tetze , HERE .  This teaching and inspiration is on a weekly podcast by Jewish pop singer and Torah Teacher Ari Goldwag  

Elul Postcards!

I sacrifice in His tent with shouts of joy,
singing and chanting a hymn to the LORD.

Psalm 27:6b

The Lord is my light and my salvation.

Psalm 27:1a 

H A P P Y     E L U L  !

Monday, September 9, 2019

Captions from a SHALOM FANS Show!!

Not in any particular order, I am posting some photos from my recent SHALOM FANS show!! It was an invitation for people to come and greet each other with the Hebrew word, SHALOM and make their own "SHALOM" fans!!  And they (the people!) in turn became "fans of SHALOM"!! You will see some such fan-fare in the captions!! Enjoy! And please take some origami paper and color pencils and a blank fan and make your own!! 
The event was on the first day of Elul, hence this Elul fan (right, above)  with the scripture from Song of Songs!
Welcome! Hello ! Shalom

A little elementary school girl made this Shalom fan, she wrote the word herself, seeing it in the gallery, Shalom!!

A lot of origami paper of different patterns was set out to use for one side of the fan, and to use in collage on the designs.  Give your fan a unique Japan flair in combination with the Hebrew words and Jerusalem theme.

One visitor made this drawing, and the words in Japanese say "Beautiful, like a flower blossoming"


Shayndel and Shirah!

PALM TREES, decorating the walls, became "PSALM TREES"You are invited to write out a Psalm and add it to the trees!! PSALM TREES!

Fan made by a Shalom fan who came to the exhibit
Photos display from my Israel trip, from Jerusalem and the Sea of Galilee, including a few with "Shalom Fans!", palm trees.   There are places where Yeshua walked and will return

Painted fan!  "Morning Glories"  to me they are a flower of "ELUL" and speak of God's mercies new every morning!!

JERUSALEM FAN, EAST GATE, on display with a gold ribbon!
Fan made by a child visitor to the show and workshop, can you see that she wrote SHALOM!! The newest "SHALOM fan!!"   Doubly!! A "fan" of shalom and a "shalom fan"

The other side of Shalom---Love!!! and a little peek at the artist of the fan!
One visitor and friend worked diligently on this origami collage JERUSALEM Fan!! So exciting to see new Jerusalem fans!! Yes, that's another double or triple entendre!! NEW JERUSALEM fan, New JERUSALEM fan , and a "new fan" of Jerusalem (i.e. the one who made it).  It doesn't take much to become a Jerusalem fan!! First, turn your heart to the Apple of God's eye.  Next see how brilliant she is and you will see the glistening colors and hills come alive, and you will want to return and Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem!

Glimpse into the Gallery, songs played on guitar,   praising our Prince of Peace, Sar Shalom, Yeshua

AHAVA= LOVE in Hebrew
AHAVA fan!! Fan of Love!! On display!

SHIR= Song in Hebrew
SHIRAH= Sing! A Bi-lingual Fan!  On display!

Blessings and Shalom!!