Saturday, November 12, 2016

An-Pan Challah and Lech Lecha Parsha!

I will make your seed like the dust of the earth so that if one could count the dust of the earth, 
then your seed could also be counted.    
---words of ADONAI to Abram, Genesis 13:16

Red Beans, challah, and the story of Abraham.
On first glance it might seem a stretch to see those topics together.

But as this is a blog about bread --challah in particular---, and my excitement of this first year studying Torah in Japan, it is a stretch that I hope can reach to your hearts!  Even the sound of an-pan challah and Lech Lecha parsha has a swirly ring to it.  Though none of the words might make sense to you yet.

With a sprinkling of my testimony,  added to a portion of  this week`s parsha about God`s promise to Abraham that his seed would reach the nations, I will attempt to roll it all into a post.  With the hope that you might get a taste of what this weeks parsha is about and that it might even give you an appetite to know more!  I might venture so far as to say the swirls in the red bean challah even remind me of a the map of the route Abraham took from his home in Ur of the Chaldees to the Land of Cannaan.  Going forth obediently ("Lech Lecha" means Go! Go forth, yourself!) as he walked continuously by faith in the word God spoke to him.

So please have some challah and lets see
where these strands tie together!

(to be continued)

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