Ch & Ch B tutorial page , Opening a Pomegranate

There are many ways to cut open a pomegranate.  This is the one I used for the recent Pomegranate Challah, I find it is a good way to open the fruit and easily take out the seeds.  And see all its abundance in each step!! Be sure to have a bowl nearby and do it near a sink and always direct your actions towards the bowl, as the juice may easily spatter!! A tip---better not to wear white!!

 If you do get the red color on your clothes, rinse the area right away before it seeps in and there is a good chance it will wash out!! If left even a few minutes though you may have a reminder left of the experience!!

For this time, what I did is (as written in the drawing above):

1.   Cut around the top "ridge" until top piece with the crown can easily come off.

2.  Remove the top piece

3.  "Score" ridges going down each of the six sections (or 4 or 5 is ok too).
Be careful not to cut all the way down, so it stays as one fruit and the sections can just "open" apart.

4.  Break open along tose lines that you "scored" so that you can see the fruit in sections open up.
From here you can turn the fruit over a bowl and the seeds should be easy to remove in sections.  They kind of "pop" out when the outside is pressed, or you can just remove them gently by separating them from the white skins.

5.  Put seeds in bowl and add water.  The skin parts will float to the top.  You can remove them, then rinse and drain and have beautiful "613" seeds!





  1. This is a lovely tutorial. Your drawings make it crystal clear. Eating a pomegranate is not so common where I live and especially where I grew up as it is so far north. But when I was in grade 4 I remember one boy would come to school every day with a loaf of bread, some sandwich meat and an apple or a pomegranate. I don't remember how he ate the pomegranate as I was too fascinated by him eating almost a loaf of bread!

  2. Thank you Joyful for reading and glad it was clear!! I also never had pomegranates when I grew up, even though the ones I am finding now are from America!! That's interesting about the boy who brought bread and pomegranate (or apple!). I wonder if he read the Bible! Thanks for sharing and glad to share a pomegranate with you, even miles away, to share about God's fruit !!♡