Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Let`s Go Fly a Kite!---Part 1 ・凧揚げ 元旦のお話 

The kite flew up higher than a three story building!! And this was just the first round!!

On the New Years Day in Japan, many children fly a kite!
Or anyway, they did in the `old days` before all the games they play now!

Last year at the New Year I saw one child with a kite.  (see post HERE)
The impression of her childlike joy and her playing with the kite with her father stayed with me in my heart, and enough so that  when I went for New Years this year, I brought a kite!

It was a kite I won at a bingo game at a Christmas party.  I decided I would bring it for the New Year and fly it like the girl!

But when I unpacked it and looked more closely I saw it looked pretty flimsy.  It was a 100yen kite (about a dollar) from the 100yen store (like the Dollar store), and I got a little bit of a sinking feeling that maybe this kite wasn`t meant to fly.   I saw with it there was a little paper  even saying that it was recommended as a decoration or souvenir.   The kite has on it  a great picture of Mt. Fuji and the giant wave and was a great prize to win at bingo, however  I realized it was more of a souvenir picture than a full flying kite.  My expectations that it could fly might have been too far reaching.

But I remained hopeful and saw the rolls of string that are used for fishing things.


For He sees to the ends of the earth,
Observes all that is beneath the heavens.
When He fixed the weight of the winds,
Set the measure of the waters;       ---From Job 28:24~25

My husband`s family lives on a fishing island.  His brother saved the day.  He is a fisherman and knows a lot about wind and string and knots and things.  I gave it over to him, and he did an amazing job.   This piece of paper kite rose to the occasion.  He gave it a weighted tail on each side, and affixed a durable string and a wooden `spool` that would reel it out and reel it in and be used for maneuvering.  I don`t think any dollar kite ever had such a transformation!!

May what is seemingly weak or unable to fly in your life this year be transformed and may your hopes soar to high heights!!

Stay tuned for part 2, where I meet the girl from last years picture, who it turned out is a child of one of our family cousins!!!

Is that on the wind a kite... or a bird?! 





昨年末の「あいうえお」のクリスマスパーティーで偶然ビンーゴゲームで凧が当たりました。 一年前の凧揚げの光景は「パーッ」と思い出しました。今年はあの女の子のように、お正月に凧揚げをしようと決めました。

この凧はきれいな 北斎の富士山と波の有名な絵が描いている凧でしたが、部屋の飾り物じゃないかな、本当に空で飛べる物ではないかなと、ちょっとがっかりしました。







  1. Your new Header is superb! The colors of pink (cherry blossoms) of golden brown (challa) and blue (the cover) go well together.

    How clever of your brother-in-law to reinforce the kite and make it useful!

  2. Thank you Duta!! I hope to do a full post about the Shalom Tenugui and how to wrap a challah with it , which is pictured on the header. I did a series of photos but haven`t quite gotten to it yet, hence, starting with the header! Yes, my brother-in-law really did a good job, I was so glad he was able to make it fly!! Hope you had a great New Years holiday...!