Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Challah at the Bakery

When I returned to NY this summer, I found challah in the bake shops!  It was so exciting and for the first time after two years of making challah, and even a little stint of selling my challah, I was able to buy challah in a bakery for Shabbat!!   For anyone in NY or other area where you can find challah, it may be hard to fathom getting so excited about this! But as I live in Japan, and in a part where the only challah is the ones I make,   I just was so happy to see the challah lined up in the bakery and to bring a challah home for Shabbat!
At first I thought it would be hard not to make it, as I love making Challah as part of Shabbat, but buying it had another wonderful quality , as here I was in a place where so many people observe Shabbat that the Shabbat bread was available and readily even in the supermarkets!!  And I was also able to "study" the taste and way of making!

Being in a community to celebrate Shabbat was wonderful, and being able to go buy challah on Fridays was a treat!!  Challah was also like  sign that there are people who observe Shabbat, and that was also such a sense of homecoming for me.  I guess it might be funny to think about being so happy to buy challah, but yes I savored the chance to buy challah!!  From the round challah for New Year to the fluffy soft challah each Shabbat!

I even got the chance to observe the baker making challah, to see how it is made on a professional scale, and  to take back some tips.  God has a plan and a purpose for each of our lives.  The time away in  community centered around the syngogue and ...the bakery! showed me in a concentrated way the things that I love to be surrounded by in my life.  The challenge is how to bring this into existence here where I am, or whether to go to somewhere where those are a focus of the community.  I get overwhelmed a little to think of it, but with God all things are possible!

Praying for you too that the new year will bring you closer into the focus of those things that your heart and spirit are leading you to pursue.

To be continued....!



*photo credits and a big thank you to the Beach Bakery!


  1. I can imagine how exciting it was for you to see so much challah bread and to know that there are many others who observe Shabbat and the New Year in your home town.

  2. Thank you Joyful!
    Yes, it really was ! Thank you for understanding and sharing in the excitement!
    Blessings to you! Love!

  3. How wonderful to be able to buy your Challah and to see so many together. It's nice that you could watch it.

    1. Thank you hobbyloes!! Today its my return to making challah after a long time!! Blessings and Shabbat Shalom--- Peace! to you!♡

  4. Such an attractive, yummi bakery! And the challah loaves look so beautiful! I'm glad you had that experience of buying challa.

    Does your japanese family cooperate with you on the Sabbath, Torah,, Challa matters? Because if not,I imagine it's very hard to play solo, and there's always fear in the background that it might alienate them from you. You impress me a as very brave young lady.

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  6. Thank you Duta! Yes, its a great bakery!
    About the question, I am not quite sure how to answer as its a big question and you are touching into things that are right on my heart!! I wrote one reply but as you see I removed it! I am touched by your understanding and thank you!!I will see if I can make a reply by e-mail to follow! Blessings and Shalom! Love!