Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Bouquet and a "Mitzvot" Challah!

”613”!seeing this measurement on the scale, I used this amount of dough, divided it in strands, and it became a "Mitzvot" Challah!!

Circle of rainbows, around the bouquet,receieive it...Catch!!

 Give, and it will be given to you--a good measure, pressed down, shaken together, overflowing, will be given into your lap.  For whatever measure you measure out will be measured back to you.
 Luke 6:38

 1.  Bouquet

When God gives a gift to us, He wants us to share it with others.
The next day I went back to the flower shop and ordered a bouquet for a long-time friend who is also my voice training teacher!  It was her birthday a few weeks ago but I had just remembered it late.
It was fun to order her a bouquet, inspired by the "wedding" bouquet I had received from the lORD after the rainbow (post below!).

I believe He desires to "rain" down bouquets of Love through a halo of rainbow he fashions from above,
for us, as He gets ready His bride here on hearth.
She is from all corners of the globe, in all colors of the rainbow.
Make sure to look up!!

Look up!!!



A Mitzvot Challah

When I made a challah this past Shabbat, I measured the dough.  Usually each regular size challah I make is 600 grams and I make 6 strands of 100 grams.  When I make two its double that and sometimes some left over makes another small challah.  This time when I measured for the first loaf I saw the scale said 613.  It struck me for that number is the number of "mitzvot" or commandments in the Torah!!   So I kept it as 613, and called that Challah a "mitzvot Challah"!

Its funny the shape came out a little more uneven than the usual "600" and it seemed right, as we are imperfect humans and following the "mitzvot" stretches us and reveals our humanity.

Of course, "mitzvot" , the positive ones, are "good deeds", so I also felt that through this He was showing me that about sharing the gifts He gives us, it seemed to go with the rainbow, the bouquet, and the message of this Shabbat!! How can we do a "mitzvot" today?  How can we share His gifts?

And lastly in this post I will share an expression of thanks in Japanese.  You may know in Japanese the word "arigatoo" means "thank you".   It  is  how "thank you " is generally expressed.  If you add "doumo" before  arigatoo, it is "thank you very much".  If you add "gozaimasu" at the end, it is adding a polite or honorific expression.  And to top it all off, the crowning expression, if you add "itsumo" to the very front of all that it means "Thank you always (very much, with an honorific and respectful expression;  the gozaimasu is almost like a verbal "bow" of humbleness to lower ourself to the one we are speaking to).  I just heard that expression today, and it struck me as a beautiful word for today.

Itsumo arigatoo gozaimasu. 

Love and blessings,


*just noticing as I am looking at scriptures how much the New Testament is filled with talk by Yeshua and the disciples of going good, which is exactly what the Torah teaches through "mitzvot".  Truly Yeshua is the word made flesh, and truly He is the Living Torah!! 

Direct those who are rich in this present age not to be proud or to fix their hope on the uncertainty of riches, but rather on God---who richly provides us with everything to enjoy.  Direct them to do good, to be storing up for themselves a good foundation of the future, so they might take hold of the true life.   ---1 Timothy 6:17~18


  1. How special that your scale said 613!!!
    A beautiful mitzvot Challah and the flowers are marvellous.♥

    1. Thank you hobbyloes!!
      I am glad you enjoyed them.
      Blessings! ♡

  2. I love everything about your post today: the teaching, the scripture, the imperfect challah, the 613 reference, the beautiful flowers. I'm sure your friend will be blessed by your thoughtful gift as we are blessed by your sharing today. Shalom. ♥

    1. Thank you Joyful! Encouraged to hear that and glad the post spoke to you !! You are always making special gifts for others, I think of your afghans multiplying and giving warmth to others, and then warmth and love being returned in great measure to you:)) Blessings and Shalom!♡

  3. We can learn a lot from the japanese, not only the beautiful 'thank you' expression.
    And we can learn a lot from you about 'mizvot' and 'challa' making.
    Thanks, Shayndel, and keep teaching us.

  4. Thank you Duta!! I am so glad we can learn from each other, and yes as you said, from the people and places we live too!! Thanks for the encouragement, OK, I will keep on sharing then:)!! Blessings and have a good day!♡