Saturday, March 17, 2018

Nissan 1!

Nissan 1

I took a bicycle ride to the park to see if the cherry blossoms were blossoming.
I knew they probably weren`t quite yet, so I took a cherry blossoms ball with me to bring some pink.
The trees were dotted with buds, buds, buds!

I stood on the grass and threw the cherry blossoms ball
into the sky! 
Maybe the pink would profusely pour down on the trees and the buds would blossom!
This is what happens around now in the month of springtime.
Everyone is looking up!  To see if there is a blossom yet!
Birds are busily finding them first.

People ask each other, did you see any blossom?
Not yet, not yet!
Anticipation is in the air!

A little girl joined me, and we both took turns throwing the cherry blossoms ball up to the sky!  She saw it was fun, and when she threw the ball up, it landed on the tree!  The tree now had pink!! A pink cherry blossoms ball in the cherry tree.  She jumped up to try to reach it, but it was too high.  She ran and got her jump rope to use it to move it and loosen it and get it down.  It worked! 

The ball was set free, but now the jump rope was in the cherry tree!

She pulled on it and it came down too.

We played a little more with the ball, throwing it up to the sky!
She told me her name, smiled,  and when it was time we said,
good bye.

Happy Nissan 1! *

*The first day of the first month, Nissan, of the Hebrew calendar


  1. The weather looks beautiful. Warmer than where I am now but I think we are catching up. A few days ago I saw the cherry blossoms were starting. Hopefully I can get some good photos to share. the little girl looks like she is having a joyful time. God bless you Shayndel.

    1. Hi Joyful, It is beautiful, though we have some cold March days here too! Ready for warmth of spring!! Look forward to see your cherry blossoms photos! Yes I think she did have a joyful time. It took her a little while to warm up to me, she was so shy and ran away and came back several times before she entered into the play!!! God bless you too Joyful. ♡

  2. Joyful! It's the beginning of a new Biblical year! I'm excited! Isn't it wonderful going through the year with Abba on your mind every day?

    1. Hi Mrs N. Yes! It`s wonderful! An exciting time of the year in His calendar and always a new day in His Love!♡

  3. Japan is known for its cherry blossoms, and kids are known to be wonderful partners in games. So you've found your girl to play with. Joy and playful anticipation are the signs of springtime.

  4. Yes, Duta, and that is so sweet how you put all that together in the equation for signs of springtime!! I love that!♡