Thursday, March 29, 2018

3 Coffees and New Life in Yeshua

Our picnic under the cherry blossoms started with three coffees from 7-eleven.
Well, really it started long before that.  It started 19 years ago when I came to Japan.
I was pregnant with my daughter, and my husband came ahead of me to find us a place.  I remember standing at just about this same spot, with her in my belly, getting ready for when she would be born!
It was my first Cherry Blossoms season in Japan!

Yesterday my husband, daughter and I had a cherry blossoms picnic in the morning to see her off on the day that she will be going away for college!! I got three coffees to have with the homemade matzah.  As she won`t be here for Passover, I thought to bring a little matzah to our picnic beforehand. 

In Japan, many new things take place under the cherry blossoms,  like entrance ceremonies to school, new job transfers, and it is like a new year starts in spring under the blossoms!! I think it is the only country I know of where the school year begins in springtime, and all the new positions and job moves.  So it is a national renewing! I love that the season goes so well with Passover.   I am thinking that really, my blog has a misnomer!! More than Challah and Cherry Blossoms, Matzah and Cherry Blossoms go together for the timing of Passover and Cherry Blossoms!!

Well, this post is just meant to be light and full of blossoms so I will just share some photos and wish you blessings to  enjoy the season wherever you are, hope there will be much blossoming and renewal in all our hearts and lives!! Much Love, Shayndel

H A P P Y     P A S S O V E R


  1. Gorgeous Header with the home-made matza on a background of cherry blossoms!!
    Nice to meet your little family and learn about your coming to Japan!
    I like the idea of cherry blossoms as a national renewal symbol.

  2. Beautiful cherry blossoms. I love how you have a picnic with your daughter in almost the same spot where you first stood with her so many years ago. What a wonderful and precious remembrance for all of your family.