Thursday, March 1, 2018

Happy Purim!

These days should be remembered and observed in every generation by every family and in every province and in every city.   
---Esther 9:28
O clap your hands, all peoples; shout to God with the voice of joy.
---Psalm 47:1

We celebrated the holiday of Purim this week, a beautiful time to remember God's great and mighty hand in everything in our lives and in the bigger picture of how He moves and Saves His People. The message of Purim also reminds us about praying for the Salvation of the Jewish people, I am one who was saved, so during this holiday it reminds me of how Precious our Salvation is.

I will write more Purim  posts to follow.  Look forward to hear about yours in the meantime! 
  It was also my daughter`s graduation from High School on Purim day in Japan. 

Happy Purim!  Blessings and Shalom!! Love, Shaynel

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  2. I am unfamiliar with most Jewish celebrations and holidays so this was interesting message about Purim. It is also lovely that your daughter marked her milestone on this day. So much symbolism involved in your (our) day to day lives.

    Happy Purim to you too and congratulations to your daughter on her achievement. xx

    1. Thank you Joyful. Yes, it was fun to have the graduation on this day. Now that you mention it, there was a lot of Joy at the graduation!! Thank you for the wishes. Blessings!


  3. Happy Purim!

    We read Esther's story and laughed and laughed because there were so many times the plots against her people just fell apart in the most goofy way possible. It is a great reminder that if God is for us, who can be against us.

    Congratulations on your daughter's graduation!

    1. Thanks Sandi!
      That is such a perfect verse for Purim!!

      What then shall we say in view of these things?
      If God is for us, who can be against us?

      ---Romans 8:31

      Yes, all of the details in the story are just amazing, it is said that this is one of (or the only) book in the Bible where God`s name is not mentioned, but we see His Hand and presence of Yeshua, Jesus, Salvation! in every one of those moments and meetings that He made work together for His plans and purposes!!

      So glad to hear you enjoyed reading it with your family!
      Thank you for the congratulations.

  4. Congratulations on your daughter's graduation from high scool! It happened on Purim day, so the joy was double - that of the Purim feast, and that of the graduation.
    May you and your precious daughter have only joy in your lives!

    1. Thank you Duta! Actually I thought the graduation would be more solemn and sad--as sometimes there is alot of crying at Graduation ceremonies! But this year it was a lot of laugher and joy:))
      I receive your words of blessing! Sharing them in reply for you, for much joy in your life!

  5. I received this prayer and blessing of joy in Duta`s comment and its so touching to receive,so I would like to share it in reply to all of you, Joyful, Sandi and Duta, a Purim blessing for abundance of joy in your life!!

  6. Hi Shayne,

    So lovely to meet you! Your blog is filled with such pretty illustrations that symbolize your beliefs and lifestyle.

    Congratulations to your daughter on her high school graduation - such an achievement! The best of luck with her future endeavours!

    Thanks for visiting Poppy View; stay in touch!

    Wishing you a wonderful week,