Friday, October 6, 2017

Song of Songs

For your love is more delightful than wine.
Let us delight and rejoice in your love,
Savoring it more than wine-----

---The Song of Songs   1:2 b, 1:4d

I didn`t even touch a button, but suddenly a song came on, and filled the outside  air.

It was the Song of the Beloved.... Ani le Dodi, v`Dodi li....

Blessings and Shabbat Shalom, May you rejoice in a beautiful time of Sukkot !


  1. Very beautiful words and lovely setting with the light by candle.

  2. Ani l'Dodi ve Dodi li ( I'm my beloved's and my beloved is mine) is a popular song at jewish weddings. It conveys the message of a 'give and take' relationship between husband and wife, a balance. Beautiful words and it has a catchy melody.
    I like the Song of Songs page on your table, in addition to the usual setting of the challa, cups, candles...Very relevant to your post!

  3. Thank you Ariella, Joyful, and Duta for your kind words and for stopping by. It is so nice to have `guests` in the succa this week, this post too is a view from the little succa on our balcony... I am so glad it `expands` infinitely to all your countries, and its a blessing to have you all stop by!! Blessings and a beautiful week to you!!