Saturday, October 21, 2017

Shabbat Table, A Rainbow for Parsha Noach

The red apples and green `kabosu` (lime like citrus) were given to us by neighbors this Shabbat, so perfectly fitting the rainbow of God`s promise and blessing!

I have always seen `Rainbow Cake` in Jewish bakeries and delis when I lived in New York, who knew I would be making it for Shabbat for my daughter one day in Japan!!

There is no doubt, meals on Shabbat become more colorful.

For Parsha Noah,wouldn`t you know,

 the table is spread with a rainbow

setting it up  like making the ark

gotta get done before it gets dark

Today as there were rain showers

 let`s choose seven colors for the flowers

Red orange yellow green

enjoying the colors with my grown teen

there is even a Rainbow cake

and challah to bake

oh what a delight on Shabbat to make

 then there comes blue

indigo and vio-let

honoring you LORD in the table we set 

S  h  a  b  t     S  a  o  m  !

*rainbow cakes recipe HERE*


  1. Do you ever share your Challah recipe? :)

  2. Hi Sandi, Yes! On the side bar, there is a heading-- my Favorite Challah recipes. Sometimes there is a link in the post too. I also like to adapt them or make variations, in which case I try to note it in the post. This one was straight from one recipe, its on the side bar if you click `Fig, Olive Oil and Sea salt Challah`. I used this recipe in honor of the Parsha Noah, as the dove brought back an olive branch when the waters were receded...

  3. Wow! The rainbow cake is beautiful.

  4. This blog is BEAUTIFUL, OUTSTANDING, a FEAST FOR THE EYES, INTRIGUING......... I want to find posting about author, story behind blog etc. !!

  5. Shayndel, I wanted to let you know that I am thrilled, very happy and excited that you will accept the Liebster Award, and later is fine.... It will be well recieved when ever you have time. Shalom sister,