Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Daily Bread Postcard(s)!



It`s week 7 of my Daily Postcard series.  Thank you for sharing in the new feature.  I hope you have enjoyed them.   I am happy to have been able to give them out to people in my days!  The `challenge` I took on during this time was to print them and give them out, 7 of each, to people in my days.

As I went along I had many special meetings with people I would not otherwise have met, because I needed to approach people to fulfill the challenge!!  Some of the people were people I knew, but most of them were people who I met through the postcards.  Now as it is the seventh week, I am not sure whether to keep on going with it or if it was just a seven week feature.  Meanwhile, in week 7  I would like to `double the ante` and put forth two postcards.  Uncolored.  They are numbered, 1. and 2.  And ask the recipients to color them.  I also didn`t put a scripture on the second one, and so this too I will leave open and seek a scripture in this week!!

And now the fun part!!
I invite YOU to participate in this week`s challenge!!

The postcards above are for you!  Please take the one you like, your choice! And color it in your colors!  And if you would like, to add a scripture or words to the second one!
You can also add text to the first one as there is a scripture in Hebrew, but if you can`t read it, please feel free to put words that the picture speaks of to you!!

So I hear you asking, `I`d love to, do you play?`
Well, since we are on the blog, I thought it would be fun to play through the blog!!
There are a few ways...

You can just share in the comments and `describe` which one you would choose, and tell a little about the colors you would use, any words you would add, etc!!

and/or,  2.
You could actually drag the image of your choice onto your desktop, Print it as a postcard, then color it, and then scan it or take a picture and send it back to me using your virtual know-how.  Then I will post it next week to follow up!!!

and/ or 3.
You could write me an e-mail with your postal address and I will send a postcard to you the `old-fashioned` way to you by mail anywhere in the world!

Please join in the first Challah and Cherry Blossoms Daily Postcard challenge!
It will be one week long, 7 days of course!

I also thought this was a fun way to celebrate almost one year of Challah and Cherry Blossoms, this blog will be "1" next month! 
Be creative!  Share your colors!!

Blessings and Shalom!!


To see the Daily Bread postcards `history` of the past 7 weeks, click HERE!or just click on the `Daily Bread` label in the labels list below.


  1. Your postcards are lovely! I am interested in participating this. I am thinking of using color pencils for coloring this...I will send it to you over the weekend!! Natsumi

    1. Thank you Natsumi!! It will be fun to see! Have a great weekend!!

  2. Such pretty cards. Happy Day to you. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. Lovely postcard! You've got talent for drawing and I envy you for that. I can't draw even a straight line.

    1. Thank you Duta! I think you can draw too!! Even if the line is not straight, a curve line is beautiful too!! I have a grapevine on our balcony, and every morning I love to see how the vines curve around the pole and they just make these amazing curly lines!! I hope you might put down a line and see how good it is because you drew it, and it will reflect you!! Have a great day!