Thursday, May 25, 2017

Daily Bread Postcard!

The sky became covered completely with clouds.  I was out and still had a way to go before getting home, and it looked sure to rain.  I didn`t have an umbrella.

People on the street were opening up umbrellas or making a dash to get where they were going.  I noticed many people  had on earphones and were `tuned` out,  or rather tuned in to something on their headphones.

Noticing this, I decided to `tune in` to the L-RD G-d Almighty, and looked up to the heavens.
I began to say the words that you see wrtitten in the drawing above, the lines and prayer from Psalm 36.

Then a wonderful thing that happened,  the whole dome of the sky was activated, and the clouds reached around the sides of the whole dome.  They were shaped like two great arms of the Almighty!! I also saw another cloud overhead that almost looked like the shape of an eye.  I felt that the G-d of Heaven was seeing and hearing me.   His presence seemed so close as to be wrapping all around me in a loving embrace.

As He controls the skies and the heavens, He kept the skies at bay and  faithfully protected me all the way home.

May we seek Him. Praise Him.  And find refuge in the `canopy` (umbrella!) of His Love!

How precious is your kindness O God
The sons of man take refuge in the shadow of Your wings.
May they be sated from the abundance of Your house;
and may You give them to drink from the stream of Your delights.
For with You is the source of life--by Your light we shall see light.
Extend your kindness to those who know You, and Your charity to the upright of heart.

--Psalms 36:8~11

On Thursdays I am trying out a new blog feature, which is to post a `Daily Bread` Postcard, and from there print 7 of them (one for each day) to give out to people I meet in the week.  And to you if you`d like!*.         This is the fifth week!

PS I already gave out the first of  the 7 of this postcard to a little girl  today.  She was walking with her mom, home from kindergarten.  This postcard is for her.  May she know the Lord and all His kindness.  May He bless Her and bring her to Him.

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