Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Daily Bread Post-card!

Daughter, your faith has made you well.
--Luke 8:48


On Thursdays I am trying out a new blog feature, which is to post a `Daily Bread` Postcard, and from there print 7 of them (one for each day) to give out to people I meet in the week.  And to you if you`d like!*.

This is the second week! The first post-card was from John 6:35, in this post Here.

The post-card this week is from Luke 8:48. 

When I made the drawing, I hadn`t yet thought about the scripture.  It was more of a personal moment of connection that I was feeling with Yeshua.  The connection to the scripture came after.
Once they came together, I decided that will be the postcard this week!   I hope there is someone out there, either reading this here, or someone that I will meet this week in my travels,  that it might bless!

I gave myself a butterfly patterned tallit for the drawing, and placed the challah in the foreground.  You might recognize the balloons in a heart-shape, they appear in this week`s Shabbat posts just below!

 In the drawing I am touching the tzitzit (fringes) of His tallit (prayer shawl).

By our faith may we be healed!!!

But for you who revere My Name,
the sun of righteousness will rise,
with healing in its wings.       

---Malachi 3:20, TLV

photo borrowed from this Blogger`s post about Yeshua`s Love and healing
Thank you to the author. I hope you don`t mind my borrowing the photo here while I await your reply

Shalom be upon Israel!   ---Psalm 128:6

G-d Bless you.  Peace to you!


Some more daily bread:  I made pita bread (recipe can be found Here )  this week to celebrate Israel`s  Indepndence day with foods from Israel. Happy Israel Independence Day!

*If you would like to receive this week`s Daily Bread post-card as an actual printed, old-fashioned postcard, please let me know and I will send you one by mail!! 


  1. I loved this drawing! And what a neat idea about the postcards! I love it! I recognized the balloons. :)

  2. Thank you Mrs. N!
    Its been fun giving them out to people during the week.
    Thanks for noticing the balloons. Fun to hear that you recognized them:)!