Sunday, January 1, 2017

Hannukah Light & Star of David Challah

The last night of Chanukah this year was on New Years Eve.  The seventh night was the Shabbat of  Parsha Mizket.  Where Joseph reveals himself to his brothers and saves the nation of Egypt, his family, and all the nations with the food stored up during the famine. 
Thus, A challah shaped like the star of David for this Chanukah/Mizket Shabbat!

                         So much excitement as the lights of Hannukah kept increasing, from the first day where one candle is lit, and the light got brighter and brighter.  On the last day we light all eight candles, reflecting on our hope for a Light-filled year, filled with the Light of Messiah Yeshua!  In this post I will share a mixtpat (made up word , of a mixed pot or bag!) of photos from the last two days of Hannukah, as there were so many wonderful moments.  A friend to celebrate with is a great blessing.  And  foods that kept the oil burning in our kitchen such as more latkes--this time made from a beautiful and royal mix of purple and white potatoes. Oh, and more jelly donuts !

To give this Hannukah an Oita spin, we also had Oita`s specialty tori kara age (fried chicken) and other Oita fried

Whew!! Then onto a boat to be whisked into the night of New Year in Japan with family.  Stay tuned.  Be Blessed!!

Love Shayndel

ADONAI is God, and He has given us light.
Join the festival with branches, up to the horns of the altar.  
You are my God---I exalt You!
Praise ADONAI, for He is good, 
for His lovingkindness endures forever.

--Psalm 118, 27~29 TLV
credit notes on the challah:  I got the inspiration for the Star of David challah from this page HERE.
That recipe is for a bread machine, and I wasn`t sure how it would translate for hand-making, so I used one of my favorite challah recipes HERE, for the dough.  It is the recipe is for Fig challah,  but I made this one with no figs, just the dough plain with sprinkles of salt on top.  The flaky salt and olive oil made a delicious dough and good fit with the Star of David and Hannukah! Please try it and enjoy! Shalom! 
credit notes PS: since writing this post I also found another nice site that gives instructions from dough to shaping a Star of David Challah, all in one post, so please try making it for special occasions or for any Shabbat, as all Shabbatot are of couse special!! HERE is the link.  Shalom!! 

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