Friday, January 13, 2017

12 Blessings, 12 Strands, Parshat Vayechi

 In this parsha there are the 12 blessings that Jacob gives to his sons.  Each strand in the challah is for each of the brothers as we come to end of the book of Genesis.   While I made the challah , I listened to the blessings in Hebrew, from chapter 49,  while making the braids...  You can listen here.  I can`t understand the words as I am just starting to study Hebrew.  But you can pick up the names of the tribes, and follow along in the English alongside the Hebrew on the page Here.  So even if you don`t understand the words, it is my Parsha Vayechi recommendation to try it and then to read the blessings which are so beautiful and especially in light of knowing that just after He blesses His sons, Jacob `breathed his last and was gathered to his peoples.`And Joseph too comes to the end of his life in this parsha. 

   And please try some of the Challah too!  I look forward to celebrate Shabbat with you!!

 Wishing you many blessings and a light-filled Shabbat!

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