Sunday, January 1, 2017

Hi, I`m Shayndel!

Hi, I`m Shayndel! Well,  that is my Hebrew name and I am only trying it out here to see if it sticks.
Welcome to Challah and Cherry Blossoms!! This blog is a resurrection blog of sorts, as I started it as a way to share about my new life since being born again in Yeshua. (see this Post Here, Torah and Tatami,  for more of the story if you are just joining in!)  For the first half year of the blog I almost only posted challah.  It was as if I needed to just knead and braid and shape and roll out the dough and stay so close to the bread as I was first finding who I am in Yeshua. 

Each time I make a Challah it is very life-affirming to meditate on my Saviour who is the Bread of Life.  I started reading the weekly Parashiot, Torah portions, and started to make Challah that somehow related things in my life to the readings, and made challah to express something about the stories in the readings. 

Then at this New Year, just as Hannukah made its way into the first day of this year,  I felt like I was seeing life in a new Light , the Light of Yeshua.  I felt Him showing me the wonderful things in my life.  For I often grumble about the things I don`t have, and long for something else.  But this new Light of Yeshua shone on all the things in my life---my family, the food, the place, the love---as if to say, from now on I want you to see not what you don`t have, but what you do have!!! It was such a wonderful thing to hear, and then to look out on this new day, the day that He has made.  Let us rejoice and be Glad in it!  This is what I want to share in a New Year`s post.  That, as His word says, everyday is a new day that the LORD hath made.  He is the same as ever, unchanging, from yesterday, today and forever, but we do change! He changes us!! He cleans our hearts and makes us a new creation.  Then the world around us, also changes through Him and through the Love he pours into our lives.  I pray this year you let yourself be made new!! You open your heart and soul and allow Him to make you a New Creation!!! Let His Great SHALOM transform us and bring us all from darkness to Light!! In Yeshua`s glorious name I pray, all glory to ADONAI!! Amen and amen!!

This is the day that Adonai has made! Let us rejoice and be glad in it!  

---Psalm 118:24  TLV

photos:  family and the sea

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