Monday, December 5, 2016

Jacob`s Ladder (1st post), photos from Today

Undoubtedly, ADONAI is in this place

---Genesis 28:16

During this week of meditating on the Parashat VaYetse,  I have been seeing ladders and rainbows. First, God revealed a rainbow on a sunny day!  I saw it there above the cloud, so perfectly a ladder...and there wasn`t even rain at all that day!
I wanted to scream out the words above from Genesis, Surely God is in this place!!!

 Jacob made an altar to the LORD after He heard God speak to him in a vision when he stopped to rest on his way on his journey to Haran.  In the vision, ADONAI promised to be with him wherever he goes, and gave him the blessing that He gave his father and grandfather, Isaac and Abraham before him.  When Jacob woke up from the vision or dream he said
`Surely ADONAI is in this place--and I was unaware.`

Jacob right away made an altar to honor the meeting with ADONAI and the spot.
How can we turn moments in our everyday waking lives into moments of worship and praise!?
When we have those wonderful moments in our days when we feel His presence, may we remember how our forefathers bowed down and worshipped ADONAI right there!    I tried to represent my thanks and awe and mark the spot where I was standing in a drawing, so the middle drawing above is like an `altar` of praise.

Later in the day I saw cloud formations that look like the Ladder connecting heaven and earth.
It is thrilling to see in this Parashat how the Ladder is for Jacob`s Ladder (Genesis ch. 28) and is also represents Yeshua as the one who connects us between Heaven and Earth!!

And He (Yeshua) said:  "Amen, amen I tell you, you will see heaven opened and the angels of God going up and coming down on the Son of Man!"   John 1: 51 

Wishing you a beautiful week!

This weeks Torah Portion (parashat) is VaYetse, and he went out.
The readings are:
Genesis 25:19~28:9
Malachi 1:1~27
John 1:19~51



  1. To me the clouds look like angel wings, too!

  2. Hi Tzivi,
    Thank you for stopping by!
    Yes, I see that too about the angel wings!
    Shabbat Shalom!

  3. Praise the God of heaven,
    for His lovingkindness endures forever.

    Psalm 136:26