Monday, August 27, 2018

One Shalom Fan Story

It was a short meeting at a bus stop.
I sat down at the bus stop and an elder woman came under the shade of the bus stop stand.
I moved over a little for her to sit down in the shadier part of the bench, as the afternoon sun was coming in most everywhere and there was enough shade for about one person.

At first she said no, but then she sat down.

I took out a Shalom fan and offered  one to her.  She saw that I had the same one and she expressed thanks to receive it.

As we were synchronized there in the fanning of the same fan, and we both commented on how hot it was and where we were going.

Waving our fans in a synchronized `shalom` wave,
I looked up at the blue sky and how the blue in the background on the fan reflected the blue on this clear day.
I felt Heaven smiling.
I know that God likes moments like these, and His Spirit was moving with us and leading us in
joyful conversation.

She told me she is 89 years old!
I was impressed how vigorous and young she seemed and could get around so well in the city on her own.

All our conversation was in Japanese of course, and she said she does well,
except she has a pain in her knee that has been bothering her and slows her down.

I knew I didn`t have much time as my bus was to arrive in four minutes, so I felt brave in the Holy Spirit and asked her if I could pray for her.

She said yes!
I did my best to make the prayer in Japanese, asking Father in Heaven for healing of her knee.  A bus came by and I thought it was mine but it wasn`t so I continued a little more and right after she said her knee was feeling better!!

I told her a little about Yeshua, how He healed people who couldn`t walk and gave sight to people who couldn`t see and even raised others from the dead.  Amazingly, she listened to all this and I sensed she was hearing it!!  Then the bus with my destination came by and I had to hurriedly get on and say good-bye.

But even in what was like that split second, I felt our goodbye wave was orchestrated by God, and he put the scene in slow motion as I was climbing up the stair into the bus, looking at her and smiling and waving my shalom fan, and she was sitting at the bus stop,  smiling and beaming and waving her shalom fan, and our fans were waving, waving. As the bus pulled away and as the fans waving  seemed to come closer and closer together it was as if even with the distance that we were separating, in a `whish` God`s Spirit completely enveloped us
together,  in His great

note:  Photo is just an image from another time of the day!   drawings below other "true stories", but unfinished, just putting them here for now.  Blessings and....Shalom!!


  1. I love opportunities like this to witness and even pray. I like the times when everything just naturally progresses to show the light of God. I believe he orchestrates these events. God bless you for being obedient.

  2. Hi Joyful, Its a blessing to hear that. I love how you put it. Yes, when everything just naturally progresses to show His light, that is the best!
    God Bless you! Much love!

  3. While I was reading this I thought a seed had been planted at some point before, maybe something she saw or read, and you watered it. :)

  4. Thank you Sandi for sharing that! Reading your comment is encouraging, and to think how we never know. God Bless you and have a great week! Much love!

  5. I envy you for mastering the japanese language. Any foreign language is an asset. Also for being able to socialize easily and help people with prayers and devices such as the fan.You're a wonderful person!And of course, your drawings are out of this world and I envy your huge drawing talent.

    I also envy the 89 woman for being more than ok for her age..
    My envy is a positive one, not of the bad kind.

  6. Duta, that`s so kind. Thank you. I understand it is the positive one! And from what I understand, you also are many-lingual! That`s awesome!! Actually I haven`t mastered the japanese language, and going at a `yukkuri` pace (slowly, over many years of living here!) but its an ongoing learning, and I really enjoy it! Especially to communicate with people in everyday moments, as you intuited, I also love:) Blessed be the LORD! ♡♪♡

  7. I trust that your testimony is blessed!