Saturday, May 26, 2018

Rose and Aaronic Blessing, Shabbat Shalom

ADONAI bless you and keep you!
ADONAI make His face shine on you 
and be gracious to you!
ADONAI turn His face to you and
grant you

---Numbers 6:24~26, The Aaronic Benediciton
found in this week's reading, Parsha Naso

Shabbat Shalom!



  1. Aaron's blessing! I love it.

  2. Yes! Aaron's blessing!
    God Bless you, Sandi!

  3. Amen. I love it!

    I also liked seeing your challah bread and plants on the patio. I almost bought some challah bread the other day but instead came away with 2 kinds of bagels (one regular and one flattened with sesame seeds). I also got some lox and cream cheese spread. I haven't had any of this for a long time so it was a nice treat.

    I hope you are enjoying your Shabbat. Hugs and blessings. xx

  4. Thank you Joyful! I also liked seeing the plants on the patio in your post this week!! The bagels sound good! If you ever do buy a challah, please do show us!! There is no where to buy challah here ...and Although I am from NY and know you can buy challah, after all the years in Japan it has a novel sound to it, and I am intrigued with that you can buy challah in the shop! Hugs and blessings to you too!

    1. I will definitely share in a post when I buy challah. How long have you been in Japan. I didn't know you were from NY. I'm sure there one can find all kinds of wonderful Jewish foods including challah.

    2. Thanks Joyful! I look forward to it! I have been in Japan..19! years!! Yes, in NY that is true, about finding all kinds of wonderful Jewish foods.

      I think that my love of making Jewish foods including challah is definitely inspired by NY Jewish foods!! And now wanting to share them in Japan!

      Funny reading your comment, its almost like... how can I say this but... through Jesus and my return to God, I was also able to return whole-heartedly to the foods of my NY Jewish soul! Its been a nice home-coming, and something I am seeing thru your comment, of wanting to explore that connection, thanks :))

    3. It's nice that you are getting reaquainted with Jewish culture and food and spiritual life. God bless. (I guess I should perhaps say something like "SheElohim yevarach otha".

  5. Yellow rose - two different color words for one superb flower!
    Your Sabbath table is such a beautiful sight! The Torah scrolls look better in your drawing than in the picture.

    1. PS Duta, I hope you didn`t notice! I had a Big mistake in the Hebrew, so I had to re-do the drawing. I carefully copied it by hand and have replaced it and now hopefully it should be correct!! Whew!

  6. Thank you Duta! I`m glad you enjoyed the Sabbath table and the rose and the Torah scrolls in the drawing! Blessings and have a great week! May it be.. superb! (love that word you used:)