Thursday, May 24, 2018

Kissed by Jesus (undedited!)

When I was seeking the face of God,
he reached down,
no not reached,
he came all the way down,
he sat beside me,
well, I don't know if it was sitting,
because it was His face I asked to see,
and there it was, this warm big cozy cheek, coming down so close to mine,
and then he just wrapped his whole being around me and gave me a great big smackeroo!!
On the cheek!!

My cheeks lit up!
 I hope you can see that if you see my face now.

Its all rosy oh, His kisses are like roses!
They don't just stop there.
They blossom and flower like roses, and before you know it,
you are just there in the Garden. In the Garden, with Yeshua.

You listened to His command.  You knew that there are just some things that are His, and He sets them as pillars in our midst.

And He is glad when you, in doing so,  let Him come so close to You.
It is His desire.  To draw near to us.

(hopefully a drawing to follow.  Meanwhile gotta start a challah and preparing for Shabbat!!)
Blessings and love,



  1. oops,that should be "un-edited"! in the title.
    But I can't go back and edit, as it means, Unedited!!

    I also forgot to add the ♡、

    as in Love,


  2. Lovely xx

    Shabbat Shalom (soon).