Saturday, December 16, 2017

Shabbat Hannukah --Challah and latkes

A Miracle Here, A Miracle there


This past Shabbat was also the fifth night of Hannukah, and a day my daughter got some good news she was waiting for, so it was a an occasion tripley to celebrate and be thankful for.
I wanted to make a special challah.

I made a Star of David Challah.  It looked more like a Star of David when I made the shape, then once it baked it took on a more wreath-like shape.  My daughter saw it, not knowing what the shape I intended was, and  asked if it was to represent a doughnut!  As you know that on Hannukah we make and eat oily foods to remember the miracle of the oil that lasted eight days, so maybe that is why she thought a doughnut.    

Blessings and a light-filled Hannukah to all !!

Shabbat Shalom, and already, Shavu`a Tov!

For Recipes, links to follow: LATKES,
CHALLAH (I used THIS recipe for a Ten Commandment Challah, and shaped it with two braids to make the two triangles of the Star of David), and BRISKET- a smaller version, inspired by this recipe  HEREt/,


  1. I'd love to partake in your Challah Bread and your latkes. Nice to hear your daughter got some good news. xx

  2. Thank you Joyful. Please do partake, we'd love to have you join us:) xx

  3. Your latkes and challah look yummi!
    Glad for your daughter's good news; wishing her Good Luck in whatever she aspires to!

  4. Thank you Duta! Oh and by the way, I did make doughnuts (jelly doughnuts~!) but with so many Hannukah posts I somehow never got the right moment to share that... or maybe we ate them too fast, oops!!;)), just wanted to let you know that follow-up from an earlier comment conversation!