Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Mayim Mayim---Israel Dance Circle in Beppu-- From a suitcase, (Beppu Art Month 2017)

When I walked down the street to get to the event with my suitcase, it struck me that I have everything I need packed in the suitcase!  Then I also saw that this dance was an offering.
Mayim Mayim comes from the Scripture in Isaiah 12:3 which says,
 Joyfully shall you draw water from the wells of Salvation.

Interestingly, In Japan, many people know the dance to Mayim Mayim.  This dance is taught in elementary schools as a folk dance, so people of all ages still know the basics and that is probably why everyone caught on so quickly!!  But no one know that it comes from Israel, or that

 When we dance to this dance it represents drawing from the wells of Salvation.
In Beppu, water bubbles up in springs from the ground.  In our hearts, may the joy of our Salvation spring forth as we dance with delight. Giving thanks to our maker, the Creator of Heaven of Earth.

When I got to the venue, I opened my suitcase, and from there the event began!!
The name of the event was "Israel Dance Wa", it was one of many programs in a month long arts event, Beppu Art Month.

So much to pack in one post, but first,  I  want to say Thank yous!!  Thank you to all for your help and prayers and to all who joined! and next, to  share a praise report in the form of a list of {
What to pack for An Israeli Dance `WA`!},

Wa, depending how it is written  in Japanese means  `Circle` and it also means "Harmony" 「和」

1.   Pack a suitcase with everything you need for an Israel Dance Circle!

(subtitle: let's all dance to Mayim Mayim together)

2.  Include:  music CD`s with the Israeli dances for Mayim Mayim, Hava Nagila, Hora, and more!
Costumes--in this case a specially designed t-shirt for the event!
Hospitality items---tablecloths for tables, plates and cups, a pot of hot coffee if its cold, and Israeli candy.  Dreidels to give as a thank you for those who join

3.   A backdrop or any props for making it festive

4.  Set up your backdrop

 5.  Grab a microphone and invite people to join!! Give thanks first to the God of Israel for the beautiful weather and for the chance to gather!

 Best to do this in an open space where there are many passersby so that you can begin to make a circle and have it grow!!

 6.  Warming up.
When you have enough people gathered, its time to Stretch!

4. Next turn on the music and let the songs fill the atmosphere
5.  Teach the basic steps
6. Together,  Rejoice!
Please join  in !  (MAYIM MAYIM , here and a few more clips  below!)

And, to recap in a poem of praise,

The Beppu Art Month
event went Well!!
There`s even a little
story to tell.

All the talk of water
and of springs
makes us want to
rejoice and sing

So it is fitting that the event
is to dance Mayim Mayim

Did you know that in Japan,
everyone knows this dance!
I was thankful for this
wonderful chance
to share that it comes
from Is-ra-el

And that the words come from
Water (Mayim),
 and the Salvation well

I posted the Hebrew that says
Be-sa-son (meaning Joy)

on the trunk of a palm tree!

Gather and see!

A bear with a fountain on his yellow shirt,
and a girl who is wearing a Mt. Fuji skirt

formed the backdrop for the outside event
 There was a great roof, so no need for a tent.

Children and shoppers, moms, dads and friends
joined in for the dances
they learned the steps quick and we all held hands.

In Japanese Yoroko-biび」means joy,
so I end this post with a thank you to
each girl and boy,
along with a little Hannukah toy!!

Blessings and Shalom!!

I packed all the dance
in a suitcase
With thanks for the chance
to rejoice in that place

Arms lifted high
towards a clear and blue sky
Hands held together!

Praise ADONAI!

 Joyfully shall you draw water from the wells of Salvation. --Isaiah 12:3

あなたがたは喜べながら救いの水を汲む   ーイザヤ書12:3

Ushavem Mayim bessason mimainei haYeshua.
---words in transliterated Hebrew from Isaiah 12:3 which are the lyrics for the folk dance and song, Mayim Mayim

This event was a part of Beppu Art Month.  The location was at Beppu Tokiwa, outside in the large entrance space plaza, so that passersby could join in.  The event was called `Israel Dance `Wa``
Wa in Japanese has several meaning, depending on what Japanese character is used.
I wanted to express a double meaning of WA , Harmony,
with Wa, Circle。。。and post note, p.s. I just noticed another play, as WA is the first two letters of...WATER!!
*yes! Water, Water
 Mayim means {Water} in Hebrew

Photo credit: thank you Taeko-san! To whom I just handed the camera and asked her to take a few photos at the last minute, and she took the videos too!

Please see related post from an earlier guest interview with Teresa, from Rejoice in the Dance.  Thank you Teresa for teaching the dance steps, and sharing her inspiring vision.  See post HERE.


  1. Looks like you had wonderful weather for your dancing and that you had a great time sharing your culture.

    1. Thank you Joyful. Yes, Praise the God of Heaven, He brought us a beautiful sky and wonderful weather. Blessings to you!

  2. What a delightful dance and a wonderful dance instructor!
    The Beppu art month seems a perfect setting for israeli famous folk dances like Maim, maim (water, water), Hava Nagila (let's rejoice), Hora.

    You're doing a great job in attracting a japanese audience to sample israeli art and folklore. God bless you and your efforts!

    1. Thank you Duta. I am so glad you have gotten to know a feel for Beppu Art Month through these posts!! Yes, it was a perfect setting and gives us a chance to share our cultures and expression in creative ways. Hope you can come to Beppu one day!!

  3. Like that dance, and going around in circles.

  4. Oh my gosh! This is AWESOME!!!!! I am so happy for you! What a blessing! This blessed me to watch!!

  5. Thank you Haddock, Ariella, and Illanit. Glad it blessed you, and thank you for your encouragements and stopping by and taking the time to watch. Blessings all around!!