Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Seventh night, outside light

In the  home we light the candles,
and then sometimes you can even see the reflection outside
and even the castle is 
reflecting His Glory

The seventh night of Hannukah this year it was also my birthday.   I was overjoyed to see the castle illuminated...where there is no castle, but just the lights of what was and what will be.... .  As if to say, even if we are not fully `built` into who we are yet, but that light from the LORD will make itself known both in us and in the world around us.

 It has been my second year of celebrating Hannukah in Japan, there are not many people around here in our area that observe Hannukah or even know of it, so I am glad to share with you and  thank you for sharing and lighting the candles together ...

Like on Shabbat, where it is said we bring the light from Shabbat into the whole next week, on Hannukah it is also said that we bring the light from Hannukah with us into the whole next year.  May it be so.

 Then God said, "Let there be light!"
               And there was light!            --Genesis 1:3



  1. Hi Shayndel!
    Happy birthday. May the light of Christ brighten your special day and also in the new year.

    1. Thank you Mary! I happily receive your kind birthday greetings and the wonderful light of Christ, and may His light brighten all of your days and in the new year!! Love and Shalom, Shayndel

  2. Happy Birthday to you!
    Candle lights, whether on Shabbat or during Hannukah, warm our hearts and uplift our spirit.
    Let there be only light in our life!

    1. Thank you Duta! So happy to receive these Birthday greetings filled with light! Yes!
      And I am also feeling the wonderful light of Christ that Mary sent in her comment just expanding and overflowing, so I will also extend that may His Light brighten your special day... as I recently found out we share the same b-day month!! Blessings and Shalom, Love Shayndel

  3. Some lovely scenes here, it must be difficult celebrationg this in your country.

  4. We have so many who celebrate Hanukkah. Well, in the city. We're pretty boring around here, in rural Ontario!

  5. Thank you J, and thank you J.J. I like all the J`s!. It is my ongoing prayer that there will be more and more people to celebrate with nearby, and meanwhile enjoying being able to share here. Thank you for visiting!!. Jenn we are in a city but its also rural. A happy and blessed season and New Year to all!!