Thursday, June 21, 2018

Aaron's Blossoming Rod Challah!

Taking a closer look at almonds, in this weeks Parsha!
and behold, Aaron`s staff, from the house of Levi, had sprouted, blossomed, and produced almonds!
---Numbers 17:8


You will see the blossoms will begin to sprout off of the ends as you make the long strands.
Make almond paste simply by mixing almond powder, sugar, an egg white and vanilla or almond essence.  Not the bitter almond kind though!

Notes on Making the Challah;
The Whole Wheat Challah dough is perfectly elastic and easy to use for the long rods that will make the main challah, as well as easy to fill for the rounds that will be the blossoms!! It sprouts and blossoms as you make it.

The delicious almond paste filling is easy to make.  It goes in the middle of each of the strands.  You can be creative with sprinkling and decorating with almonds.  When making this challah I also looked closely at the almonds, their beautiful texture like wood, and the contrast to the rough outside.

Almond trees are  the first blossoming tree in Israel, in late winter.   There are many almond trees on Mt. Zion.  The almond blossoms are used on the motif for the Menorah in the Holy of Holies, which is made in the shape of an almond tree with bulbous blossoms at various points.  In the scriptures we know that Aaron`s rod and a rod itself represent authority and God`s chosen oneIt speaks of blossoming and a time yet to be revealed.

It will come about that the staff of the man I choose will sprout.   --Numbers 17:5A

Notes on the Flowers! I  like to make connections to the weekly parsha when getting ready for Shabbat, and when  choosing flowers for Shabbat.
This week there was a special on a bunch of roses at the flower shop!  That gave me the inspiration to "act out" the parsha in flowers.  They represent the twelve rods that each tribe had to set before ADONAI and one would blossom.  As you can see the open pink rose represents Aaron's rod that blossomed!

at the flower shop, always so many choices!  Even seeing the roses laid out like this reminded me of the rods that were laid out in the Tent of Meeting.  Only one would blossom!

Almonds, almonds and more almonds,  an amazing breakfast idea for the Shabbat of Parsha Korach, Aaron's Blossoming Rod Challah with Almond butter, Fig shake, and almond milk!

God Bless you and  Shabbat Shaolom.
Have a great week!  Shavu'a Tov!

I will bless ADONAI at all times.
His praise is continually in my mouth.  --Psalm 34:2

For more on how to make Aaron`s Blossoming Rod Challah, see HERE


  1. You're a Challah master! Sprinkled with almond chips or having almond filling, the challah tastes heavenly. Your Shabbath flower arrangement is so inspiring!

    1. Thank you Duta. Humbled by your kind words, glad you enjoyed the challah and flowers on this Shabbat! Blessings and Shavu'a tov!!

  2. So many wonderful things in your post today. I love all the Challah bread and the different shapes and the almonds. The smaller ones resemble the blossoms on your tablecloth!

    I get excited too when there is a special of fresh flowers. It doesn't happen often where I live and sadly many of the places that used to sell flowers have disappeared from my neighbourhood. I think the rent got too high. The beautiful roses you've selected are such a wonderful delicate colour.

    The figs peeking out from the 2nd last photo look very juicy and tasty, he he.

    I hope you have a lovely sabbath. Shabbatt shalom.

  3. Thank you Joyful!! Oh I hope more flower shops will return in your neighborhood in some form, maybe a flower stand or something that wouldn't be such high rents. I know what you mean about what a different in makes to have such a place in our neighborhoods!! Thanks for noticing the figs, and enjoying the Sabbath together. Blessings and love and a lovely week to you!!♡