Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sakura Challah

there is a subtle swirl of pink in each slice, a different pattern or curve in each slice

 I offered two kinds of Challah during the week at the Bread Shop.
and Cherry Blossoms Challah.

In Japanese, the word for Cherry Blossoms is "Sakura"

It is written like this (two ways to write it):

     This is the Chinese character, or  "kanji"  which you read as `Sakura`         

   さくら    this says  sa-ku-ra in the phonetic "hiragana" Japanese alphabet, you can see it written like this in the sign below for `Sakura Series` supplies to use in this season.

Sakura supplies have just started being sold in the food shops, so I was able to find  Cherry Blossom Flakes, Sakura Paste, and even Cherry Blossom flowers to use on the Challah!  Seeing them in the shop is like a pre-seasonal sign of spring and the excitement for the Cherry Blossoms!!

The dough even has a spring-y quality when you sprinkle in and fold in the Sakura flakes.
In Japan at this time of year we can find many sweets and foods that come out for spring in a cherry blossoms variation, so the Cherry Blossoms Challah , even though it is something new, almost seems like a natural!  I was happy to be able to introduce it at the bread shop.

We gave out sample tastes.  A customer who tried a taste of the  Cherry Blossoms Challah commented and said he could taste the cherry blossoms!
note on making a Cherry Blossoms Challah: a related post on this blog about how to make a Cherry Blossoms Challah HERE:  Recipe for a Cherry Blossoms Challah

Blessings and appreciation,

Love, Shayndel


  1. The sakura slices look amazing! I'm sure they also taste like that. Well, I've learnt something new.
    The bread shop looks lovely!

  2. Thank you Duta!! So glad if you`ve learnt something:)) And could enjoy the sakura challah and visit the bread shop and have a `taste` through the posts!!
    I think she would be happy for your visit, and your kind words!! Love and Blessings!!

  3. Beautiful idea to us sakura. I love that.

  4. Thank you Joyful! I am glad!
    It will be a Challah to serve at the Wedding of the Beloved!!