Sunday, February 11, 2018

At the Bread Shop this week

First Challah in Oita!

Melon Pan is a favorite bread in Japan, it is sweet and here there are two kinds in addition to plain-- maple and green tea Melon Pan

Bagels ! are among the popular breads now in Japan.  The bread shop name is Perma Rossa, and all the breads are stamped with her shop name

there are many kinds of wonderful and creative breads in Japan!
This is the label for my Challah, made in Japan! 
featuring two kinds of Challah-- plain and Cherry Blossom
Welome!  Introducing Challah!

Amongst the breads at the bread shop this week, there was a newcomer, a traditional Jewish bread that is made for Shabbat, called Challah!

I made handmade labels to introduce it, that said
Challah by Joanne
made in Japan.

It was an honor to be able to share my homemade challah at the bakery. As you can see in the photos, there are so many wonderful kinds of bread in Japan!   In this bake shop some of the kinds that the baker made include...bagels!! And the more Japanese breads like an-pan (red bean.
 bread), melon pan (a sweet crusted round bread favorite of children), Kinako Croissants, several kinds of `Shoku-pan`(loaf bread),  and sandwhiches.

Actually a part of the story that is poignant is that this past week was the bread shop`s last week in business.  The baker worked hard for 6 years, and as you can see she makes so many wonderful kinds of bread in each day...and after six years of hard work, she needed a!! I just realized that about 6 years and now the 7th year rest. This is like a Shabbat year  rest, isn`t it!! I just realized that as I write this.

It was so kind of her to give me this chance in her last week, and it made the week very special in many ways.  Good news is that a new bread shop will be coming there, so even as it is sad for us in the neighborhood that the bread shop is closing,  it is also a story of renewal as well as rest!!

Your Challah and Cherry Blossoms Correspondent,

aka Joanne♡


  1. Aw, it is sad about the bread maker but yet again God uses the situation to illustrate his teaching to rest on the 7th day. It's so awesome.

  2. Thank you Joyful.
    Its nice how you put it, yes.

    Praise God! Blessings!♡

  3. Amazing! All of it - the shop, its products ,the background, You (slim despite your love for ...challa).
    Wonderful pictures! Fine products!
    Why Joanne? Shyndel is not a common name, and that's the beauty of it.

  4. Thank you Duta. So touched by your comments. Why Joanne? Good question! I also agree about Shayndel, but for Japan, and in my neighborhood people know me as Joanne ...its something to think about and pray about if, or rather.. as I continue with sharing my Challah!! If any other readers see this discussion, feel free to join in!! Shayndel? Joanne?! Meanwhile, here I am
    Shayndel !! ♡

  5. I am catching up on my reading of your blog as I took a long break from blogging here....and WOW! I read this and I was so happy for you!!! I'm just so!!! This is awesome!