Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Post-card Challenge 2! ポストカードのチャレンジ2!

 In June, I posted a "Post Card Challenge", inviting readers to color in a choice of postcards as part of the Daily Bread Postcard feature on Challah and Cherry Blossoms.   This is Part 2!
Please click here and here for the story and background.
 From that time, K-san, one of the `challengers`, colored in another postcard and showed it to me just the other day. 

She added cherry blossoms and Japanese patterns, and gave the line drawing new life in the way she colored it.  She added new elements and scattered blossom petals around the scene!!

I asked K-san if she could comment on the way she added the color and designs like the cherry blossom petals.  She said that "Mt. Fuji and cherry blossoms are the things that Japanese people love.  They are the treasures of Japan,  and express the soul of Japan."

I love how she made the  additions of the Cherry Blossoms and creative changes to the people`s clothes,  patterns,  and details,  and attuned the drawing that I started by bringing it closer to the Japanese heart!!

Thank you K-san for what became a fun collaboration!!  Thank you readers for encouraging my postcards ministry!

Stay tuned for another Post-card Challenge again!! I look forward to everyone`s participation!

About the drawing:
(You might recognize the drawing  from an earlier post, of the receiving of the Ten Commandments at Mt. Fuji!  My expression of celebrating Shavuot here in Japan.  I even made a Challah  of the same theme!  See Ten Commandments Challah  ( Here ).  )


記事の内容は{ここ} にクリックをして、読んで下さい!

その後、もう一回 K−さんがポストカードに色を塗ってくれて、この間私に見せてくれました。


 是非、『ポストカードのチャレンジ』 に挑戦してね!

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