Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Mishkan and Cherry Blossoms

Friday morning

This morning I looked on my table after my daughter went out to go to school.  It was just a candid moment, and what I saw on the table were all these `cherry blossoms` things---cherry blossoms napkins, cherry blossoms marshmallows on a cherry blossom plate, among my daily things like the mouse of the computer and the roller I use to take the lint off her school uniform.  In the `bento` (lunch box) I made her I put cherry blossoms jam in it and scattered ingredients sushi, like petals scatttered on the rice.

I have been thinking a lot about cherry blossoms in this season as you all know.  So without even completely realizing it,  the `phsysical` manifestation of my thoughts are all around me!!!

Think a lot about cherry blossoms and you will see cherry blossoms!  You will live amongst them and your home will be a place for them to come into.  Because by your focus on them, you have brought them into your home.

Think a lot about God and you will see God.  You will draw near Him, and your home will be a place for Him to come into.  Because by your focus on Him, you have brought Him into your home.

And Heart.

By making our immediate surroundings places for Him to dwell, we are making the world a place for Him to dwell.  May we welcome God into the Tabernacles of our hearts and homes.

Shabbat Shalom!!

Blessings and have a wonderful Shabbat!!

Praise the God of Heaven, for His lovingkindness endures forever.   ---Psalm 136:26

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