Sunday, February 5, 2017

Grapefruit from Israel・イスラエル産のグレプフルッツ

Limited time only! Grapefruits from Israel, Ruby

It was a great surprise to see this sign and the grapefruit...from Israel! in the  local supermarket in the small city where we live in South Japan.
It says `Limited! Today Only!  Grapefruit from Israel (Ruby)! 138 yen.`
I believe when we study Torah and declare to those around us the greatness of the God of Israel, that Israel comes a little closer to us wherever we are.
Praise the God of Israel!!


多分最近イスラエルの神のことをよく考えることが多くなったからでしょうか。 イスラエルのことが身近に現れるように感じます。
Shavua Tov! For a taste to go with this post  I recommend reading Psalm 138!   The number 138 (yen) in the sign on the grapefruit led me there.  Oh yes, and 150 too, and all the ones in between.  Enjoy! 
 And just for fun,  this is a list of what`s in season each month in Israel!  Israel Produce Calendar
Love from Challah and Cherry Blossoms Correspondent,


Every day I will bless You,
and praise Your Name forever and ever!
Great is ADONAI, and greatly to be praised
---His greatness is unsearchable.

---Psalm 145:2 

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