Sunday, April 8, 2018

Matzah memories to go

The Egyptians urged the people on, impatient to have them leave the country, for they said, " Otherwise, we'll all be dead."  So the people took their dough before it was leavened, their kneading bowls wrapped in their cloaks upon their shoulders.     ---Exodus 12:33~34

At the seder, the Rabbi held up the matzah at the appropriate time in the telling of the story of the Exodus from Egypt, and asked if anyone knows why we eat matzah and what it represents.  A little girl, she must have been about six or seven,  raised her hand and said her answer.  She said it was because we remember our ancestors who didn't have time for the bread to rise when they were leaving Egypt.

The Rabbi commended her for her good answer!
note, a seder is the meal on Passover, during which we go through the telling of the Exodus with Egypt and we read from a Hagaddah all the story of God's Salvation , how He brought the children of Israel to freedom from bondage in Egypt

Even though I never really read the Bible growing up, we always had a Passover seder so the story of the Israelites leaving Egypt with the dough that didn't have time to rise was an image that always remained so clear with me.  I too knew that answer from when I was a little girl.  Even though my family was not very observant, we always celebrated the Passover and major holidays.  We gathered at either my aunt's or grandfather's, and we always had a seder, and we always had matzah. Its pretty amazing how my parents made sure we learned the story of the Exodus through the celebration of Passover year after year.  Just as God commanded. 

And when, in time to come, your son asks you, saying, "What does this mean?" you shall say to him, "It was with a mighty hand that the LORD brought us out from Egypt, the house of bondage.  --Exodus 13:14

On the first night of Passover this year, my daughter had already left for her new life in Tokyo.  I was glad she agreed to come with me to a seder.   It would be on the second night, when I would be in Tokyo.  Even though my parents were obedient and diligent to teach me, I have to confess I didn't raise my daughter with a knowledge of God or the Feasts because I myself was separated from God all the years that I raised her until a few years ago.  She was already a teenager when I returned to love God.  When I was her age and old enough to leave home for college, I  wanted to separate from my family and search for who I was it was about then that I also ran away from the God of my childhood, the God of Israel.  When I returned, miraculously through Yeshua, my daughter was already a teenager, and she too was already wanting to separate from family and set out to find who she is.    But thankfully the past few years I have been celebrating Passover with her, and she has learned about the story of the Exodus, and about freedom in Yeshua.  Even though she was reluctant to come to the seder this year, and expresses her dis-interest clearly,  I was so happy that she honored me by agreeing to come.  I know that as she goes into her own life  journey, she will fill out into the fullness of who she is.    I wish I had been able to share about Passover and all the feasts with her.  And teach her about Yeshua and the God of Israel during her growing up.  But I take complete responsibilty, as  I was running away from God, and like the way we hide the matzah during the meal, I hid myself completely from Him for the major part of my life.  Until He called me back to Him and drew me to Himself so close to Passover four years ago.  (though I didn't make any connection with Passover at that time, now I see that I was Saved just before Passover ).  I know ---and I pray!--- that there will be a wonderful timing where she too will meet Him and know Him, and in the meantime I am thank-full that she is the beautiful and unique person who she is, and is setting out on her very special journey in life!

Before I set out for Tokyo, I had the evening of the first night of Passover to enjoy the blossoms in Oita.  They were so glorious and fully in blossom!!!  I set up a little Passover moment outside to drink the cup and eat the unleavened bread while it was still a little early, and lit the travel Shabbat Candles to welcome the Sabbath, and got in the mood for travel the next morning.  Remembering that the Jewish people didn't have time for the bread to rise before leaving Egypt...


  1. A lovely story. I'm sure God will honour your prayer for your daughter to come salvation just as you did.

  2. "I also ran away from the God of my childhood, the God of Israel."

    You ran, but he went with you. :)

  3. Your childhood seder sounds much like mine.
    'Like mother like daughter' - looking for her own way in life. I appreciate that. May she find it and be happy with it!

  4. Received these kind words.
    Thank you friends♡